Book Review: Billy And Me by Giovanna Fletcher

Hey Guys!

I have to go back to work tomorrow 😦 sad times. I was enjoying my freedom. Anyway, before I completely depress myself, lets get to today’s post. Since it is Sunday (i.e., doomsday) it is time for a book review. Today it is the turn of a book that I have been meaning to read for about 3 years now. That’s right, this week it is the turn of Billy And Me by Giovanna Fletcher. Lets do this!


I have put off picking up this book for a very long time. I think because I generally don’t read a lot of books from the adult genre (something I am slowly addressing) and because I honestly don’t particularly like just straight up romance books, I didn’t think that I would enjoy it. Turns out I was wrong. I finally decided to pick this one up and I ended up enjoying it quiet a lot. Considering this was Gi’s debut novel, it is a really solid book.

This book dragged me in pretty quickly. I think within the first hour (I listened to it as an audiobook while decorating my bedroom) I was really into it. The whole romance thing kicked off pretty early on. I mean we met the love interest by about the 3rd chapter. It was all happening pretty early on. This meant that it was really easy to get into. It meant that weren’t any boring lulls at the start. No, never ending lead up to the eventual meeting. It was all very quick. And it set the pace for the whole relationship in this book. It was all very fast. Well, it all felt very fast but in reality I believe that the book is set over about a year, if not longer. But this fast paced attitude was nice because it kept things from stagnating And kept my attention.

I think the main reason why I enjoyed this book was because the characters all felt very real. They all had such realistic personalities, with their own little quirks and insecurities. It made them all very easy to connect with. It made them feel human. This was also helped by the way in which the book was written. It was like Sophie was talking to you. This again made it even easier to connect to the characters because it felt like you where sitting catching up with an old friend.

I will admit that I didn’t love every aspect of this story. Some of the interactions between characters could feel a little staged, and I feel like Sophie went form not really progressing at all as a character to suddenly making tons of progress. And I did see basically all the big plot twists coming (except the Molly one). But apart from that, it was an enjoyable read. I don’t think that I will be rushing to read the squeal, but I think that I will definitely be picking up more of Gi’s books. She has a lot of potential as an author.

star 44 out of 5

I enjoyed this one so much more then I was expecting to. I really need to stop demonizing all ‘woman’s fiction’ (a name a despise by the way). There are some enjoyable ones out there. Have you read Billy And Me? What did you think about it? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.


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