Book Review: Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

Hey Guys!

Hows your weekend going? Having a nice time? Since it is Sunday it is time for another book review and this week it is, shock horror, a recent release! I know, I cant believe it either! And not just a recent release, a really recent release. A only released on Thursday release! This literally never happens lol. Okay, I am way too proud of myself about this lol. Lets get back to reality. The book in question is Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland, so lets do this.


Generally speaking, I don’t tend to read much adult literature, and virtually no woman’s fiction, so when Louise first announced that she had written a book, I really wasn’t that interested But as time went by, the more that I heard about it, the more interested in it I became. My mind was made up when this went into stores on release day at half price so I decided to get it and give it a go and I have honestly ended up really liking this book.

I found the story really engaging and realistic. It didn’t sugar coat the bad sides of parenting and handled a lot of things with dignity and humour I laughed a lot at this book. It kind of reminded me a bit of Bridget Jones Diary, in the sense that it had a very British sense of humour about it. I think the reason why this story worked so well is because Louise wrote about what she knows. She obviously took inspiration from real life and situations that she has experienced as a mother. It was clear that she had put her heart and soul into this book.

What really made this book was the characters. I want a real life Robin in my life. All the characters just felt so real and relatable. They all had elements of reality in them. For instance, Robin often felt bad for only thinking about her own situations and not what others may be going through. This is something that we all do (or at least I do). But I think the best thing about the characters was watching them grow. This book follows them over the course of a year and, particularly Robin, grows so much as a person. She has gained confidence and become so much stronger. It is just refreshing to see such genuine character progression.

I will admit that I did struggle to get into this a bit. For the first about 50 pages, I wasn’t loving it. I was finding it a bit hard to relate to Robin (I mean, I am 20, single and childless), but the further into the story I got the more and more relatable she became to me and the more that I connected with her. By the middle of the book I was really rooting for. I am really interested to see where her story will go in the next book.

I think for a debut novel, this was brilliant. Louise has clearly found her narrative voice, and hit her stride with this book. I love that little personal touches have slipped into it like ‘shit me’. I feel like this is going to be a really big book.

star 44 out of 5

I am honestly surprised by how much I liked this book. It was fun and humours by also deep and dark at times. I just really liked it. Have you read this one yet? What did you think about it? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.


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