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Collective Haul

Hey Guys!

Welcome back. Today I am doing another collective haul. I know I only posted one of these a couple of weeks ago, but I will be honest with you, I wrote that at the beginning of last month, so I have actually brought several things since then, so I thought that I would share them with you. Lets do this shit.


The first place that I brought some items from was WHSmith’s. And all of it was office/home-wear stuff. First I picked up two of these really cute metal storage boxes. They are a light blue, aqua colour and have this cut out flower like design on them. I really like these. They where £6.99 and on by one get one half price, so I got them for £10.48. they are a really decent size and I now use them to house my nail varnishes. I think I am going to pick up anther couple of these at some point as I have a lot of nail varnishes and have nearly completely filled the two that I brought. Also in here I picked up two letter file, organiser things. I only want one but they where buy one get one free, so I got two. They are just simple kraft ones. They are plain brown on the outside and one is teal inside, the other is black. Really simple, but really cute. They where £1.49, and, as I said, bogof, so I got two for that. I am planning to use these to organise my bookmarks. I tend to use postcards as bookmarks, so they take up more room. But these will be perfect to keep them all together and make it easier to chose which one I want. I will probs see if a member of my family want the other one, but if not, I will find some use for it. Also in here I picked up two clearance notebooks. One A4, one A5, they are simple black, plastic , flexible ones. One was £1, the other 50p. Both are really simple, but will be very useful.

Also in WHSmith’s I may have brought myself 9 of the new Lego Mini-figures…..whoops. If you don’t know, I tend to buy all of the kind of very novelty ones or any that I just really like. There are usually only one or two in each collection that I want, but this time there where loads that I wanted. So I got all the ones I wanted (btw, they are blind garb bags, but, you can feel them and pretty easily work out which is which, so that’s what I do so I only have the ones that I want). They are £2.99 each and now reside on my books shelf. Out of curiosity, would you be interested in seeing all the mini-figures that I have? Let me know.


Next I went to Topshop and I brought some underwear. I popped in with my sister and saw Disney pants on three for £10, so naturally, I brought some. I got a pair of Lion King ones, some Aladdin one and some Beauty And The Beast ones. I am a massive child, but I don’t care. I love them.


I also popped into Candle Scentral during their loyalty event and picked up a new Flamingo Candle. I got myself the scent Mermaid Lagoon. This one kind of smells like those pink and clue cola bottle gummy sweets, not that I eat them, but still. It smells like them. It was about £9 and I love it. I really love this brand.

I also very randomly brought myself an eye mask I have been laying down listening to audiobooks a lot recently and always end up throwing a t-shirt or something over my eyes so I decided to get myself an eye mask It is a really simple black, sculpted one and it was only 82p from amazon, so if I like it, I will get a better one, if I don’t, I haven’t lost a lot of money. Also, while looking for this only, I ended up uncovering a highly traumatizing area of amazon.

Next I went into Wilko and brought myself a couple of props for photos. I picked up two fake flowers. One is what was called a ‘pom pom’ flower. It is just a nice white, puffy flower. It was £1 and I will be buying more of these…..one I figure out how the hell I am going to store them lol. I also picked up a little like bouquet style one. These are really yellow and just look brilliant. They where £1.50 and again, I will probs get more of this style. I also picked up two packs of playing cards. They where £1 a pack and just really simple, basic playing cards.

Next I went a little bit nail varnish mad. If you saw my Spring Nails post, then you would probably have seen these already. But from boots I picked up three Seventeen nail varnishes. They where 3 or £3 so I decided to give them a go (in hind sight, they are very meh). I got the shades Khaki Green, Beige Nude and also Pale Green. I also ordered a new Barry M shade. I picked up one of the Frosted Cupcake range in the shade Earle Grey, this was £2.99 and finally I also ordered a Tanya Burr shade. It is a matte one in the shade New Chapter and was £2.49 I think.

Finally I also ordered myself another mug from Evie Bookish on Society 6. I ordered a Dorian Gray one, since I recently read the book and enjoyed it. It is a silhouette of Dorian with a quote inside it and is surrounded by flowers and feathers and the likes. The quote is ‘I am too fond of reading books to care to write them’ which I love. It is just so beautiful and looks brilliant on my shelf. There was 20% off at the time so I think it was around £7.50 (it was dollars so I’m not sure what the conversion at the time was).

And there we go. That is everything that I have brought over the last month or so. Quite a large variety of stuff, most of which I probably didn’t need lol. Have you brought anything lately? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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