Book Review: The Midnight Star by Marie Lu

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! How are you today? Enjoying your weekend? Today it is time for another book review. And this week, I am finishing a trilogy. The Young Elites trilogy by Marie Lu. If you saw last weeks review, you will know that I only read the second book last week, but since I kind of hate the main character, I thought I would get this book over with ASAP, or else I may never have picked it up. So, without further a do, here is my review for The Midnight Star by Marie Lu.


This trilogy has been a real roller-coaster for me. I really really liked the first book, hated the second, and am now, pretty indifferent about the last book. I really cant make up my mind about this trilogy. I really like the concept behind this world and these people, but my hatred for the main protagonist has really lessened my enjoyment of the whole trilogy. I liked her in the first book, but in the second I grew to completely despise her and that just continued in the final book, and has ultimately left me a bit underwhelmed by this trilogy.

Generally speaking I really do like the world and the concept of the Elites and all that kind element of the story. I like the abilities and the fight for equality and all of that, I even love all of the secondary characters, I just really really dislike Adelina. I find her cold and cruel, harsh and egotistical, conniving and hateful, in my opinion, she has no redeemable qualities. I mean, I get that she is spouse to be this dark character, with this horrific back story and abandonment issues and all that jazz, but to me, she just took everything way to far and I just cant stand her. Even her attempt at redemption(what happens right at the end of the book), still felt selfish to me. My intense dislike for her really did lesson my enjoyment of these books. The worst thing is, in the first book, I really liked her, but she went down hill for me very quickly and was unable to redeem herself at all in my eyes.

That being said, if you ignore Adelina and her storylines/decisions, the main storyline of these books is super interesting I really like Marie Lu’s writing style and her concepts. I think this world is brilliant and it would be pretty interesting to see more of it, especially when Adelina isn’t fucking shit up. I am really interested to read more by Lu as I did enjoy her writing. And as I mentioned, I loved some of the secondary characters like Magiano and Raffaele, and I liked that it had that LGBT element to the whole book that was just there. It wasn’t a big deal, it wasn’t a main storyline or focus, but it was there and no one even questioned it. And that was nice.

But honestly, the whole time I was reading this book, I kind of just wanted it to be over. I was just so done with Adelina. I also did find that this book was bit confusing and weird, and suddenly became very religious, which was a little weird. It was also very short compared to the first two. It made the story feel a bit rushed and underdeveloped and did leave me feeling a bit underwhelmed at the end. After everything that had happened and come to pass, it was all just a bit, wham, bam, done at the end. I think overall I wish that it had either been a stand alone, or been told from a different POV. At the end, I am very in different. I don’t honestly care that much any more

star 33 out of 5

I honestly don’t know what to say on this one. I think if you can get on with Adelina, you will love this trilogy, but I know that for me, my dislike of her, really brought down the series. Have you read this one? What did you think about it? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.


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