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London Haul

Hey Guys!

Earlier in the week I went up to London for day. I got my mum 2 tickets to for 42nd Street (not really my thing but she wanted to go really badly and no-one would go with her) as an early birthday present and sense we where heading up there, we went early to do a little shopping, so I thought that I would share with you the few bits and pieces that I brought, plus a couple of bits that I brought this week from back home. So lets do this.


The first place we went was Primark. I really wanted to just have a look around a descent Primark home wear range, so we went to the giant one in Oxford Street (which I hate because it is always so fucking busy in there) and ill be honest, I was a little disappointed They basically just had the bedding and towels and shit, they didn’t have many home wear accessories, which was annoying, but I got two things in there. The first is a little blue glass bottle. It is actually a vase, I believe, but I thought that this would make a nice prop for photos and also, since I am decorating my room a pale grey colour soon, I thought it may add a splash of colour to it. It was on sale for £1 so a bargain I also picked up a wooden handing sign thing. It is Harry Potter themed and is basically 5 wooden arrows, connected by black ribbon and each arrow says a different location from the Potter series on it. So there is Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Olivanders, Gringots and Hogsmead. I have no idea where I am going to put this, but I thought that it was cute, and it was only £5 so I picked it up.


Next I went into the Disney Shop and picked up a new Pop Vinyl figure. I got myself Baby Groot. He was just too damn to leave there. I had to buy him. I love him. He was £9.99 and looks adorable on my shelf. I also love the fact that ever Disney worker in the store started talking to me about him and telling me how much they love him lol.


Next I went into Forever 21 where my mum brought me a pair of earrings They are just really simple, silver studs in the shape of cacti and I love them. They are so cute and I love Forever 21’s earrings They are a really great price, but also brilliant quality. They where £2 and I cant wait to wear them.


Then we headed over to Covent garden and went into Paperchase. As you probably know by now, I use postcards as bookmarks, they are cheaper, cuter and I find stay in my book better (particularly with the book I carry in my bag), so I always pick up any cute ones that I see. So I got myself 4 new ones from Paperchase. I got a simple one with balloons on that I thought might look nice in book photos, one with the lockness monster on it that says ‘the important thing is that I believe in myself’, which is adorable, one with a cat in a police uniform that says ‘meow meow, its the sound of the PAWlice and also one that says ‘life is beautiful’ on a background of flowers. They where 80p each and I like them.

While in Covent garden I had a situation, my dress broke. The strap snapped and the style of the dress, I had to hold the dress up or walk around with my right boob hanging out…..I wasn’t even wearing a pretty bra. It was incredible traumatic. So I dashed into a H and M and quickly grabbed the cheapest dress that I could find to change into. It isn’t my style, but it did the job. It is a simple, loose fitted black dress that was £8.99 and yeah, hopefully I will wear it again, but might not. Isn’t really my thing, but it was an emergency situation. I could go to the theatre with my boob out.


And the final place I went up there was Sass and Belle where I got a really cute ring dish. It is one of the speech bubble ones. It is the yellow one that says ‘hello sunshine’ on it and I love it. I have been looking for a ring dish for ages and I am very glad to have one. It was £5 and I love it.

Obviously we did got to a lot of other places while we where shopping, but that is all I brought, although I did find a skirt in Forever 21 that I will be ordering after I get paid. But I did get a few pieces at home during the week as well. Not a lot, but a couple of bits.


The first place I got stuff from was Poundland. Again, I wanted photo props. I picked up three bags of polished stones. These are for a specific photo, but I feel like they will come in really handy in the future. They are quite big bags, id say around 20-30 stones of varying sizes in each one, and each bag is a different colour. I picked up one of each colour option. A sand one, a dark brown one and a black one. They will be perfect for a want. Plus at £1 each, perfect price for it as well. Well actually 90p each, my local Poundland is in competition with another store, so it is 90p now lol. Also in here I picked up a little glass cake stand…..I thought it was cute. No other reason lol. I already have a big glass one and a two tier ceramic one, but not one this size. I like it.


I also went into Wilko from props. I picked up two different bunches of silk red roses. One set open flowers, one set closed. Again, for a specific photo, but will come in handy. One was £1, the other £2.50.


finally I popped into Superdrug and picked up a couple of bits. The first is some new micellar water. I got the Garnier one, but I got oil infused one this time. Thought I would give it a try. It was on offer for £3.99, so worth a go. I also, boringly, picked up some more toothpaste. Pretty standard. £2.99. enough said.


And that’s it. That is everything that I have brought lately. I had a really nice day in London, I always forget how much I love that city until I go back up there. I already wan’t to go back. And Mum really enjoyed her Birthday present, so that’s all that really matters. I hope that you have enjoyed this little haul and I will see you all again very soon.


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