Book Review: City Of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

Hey Guys!

It’s book review time! Whoop whoop! Today I am finally continuing with mortal instruments series. I hadn’t realised it had been over two months since I read the last book until I was looking through my Goodreads account. It was time I rectified that. So here is my review for City Of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare.

Mortal Instruments 5

Well that was fucking intense. This book was literally non-stop. It was just one thing after another. I know that these books are genuinely pretty fast paced, but this one took it too a whole new level. I think the reason why this one felt so intense, besides that the fact that the main storyline was really intense, was because the story was never given a chance to stagnate. Whenever there was the beginnings or the possibility of a lull in the story, it switched perspective. This meant that there was always something going on. It also meant that we got a very well rounded view of the story. We heard it all from every possible angle, and I loved this. It kept it very exciting.

I loved the storyline in this book. It was the darkest one yet. This is why I love these books so much. You have this main storyline spanning across the whole series, but each individual book feels like it’s own story…..if that makes any sense at all. They kind of remind me of the Potter books in this sense. Each book is a story, building up the pieces of the larger story. I don’t know how to explain it, but I love it. It just works perfectly for this story and world. The storyline was also just amazing. It was so dark and twisted and very gripping. I listened to this as an audiobook and I honestly couldn’t turn it off. I was so hooked to it. The drama just kicked off straight away and it was brilliant.

I also loved the character progression in this book. Particularly with the more secondary characters that we haven’t seen as much off up until now, like Izzy, Alec, Simon, Magnus, Jordan ect ect. This was really nice as it helped to flesh out the world just that bit more. The main characters didn’t really develop that much, mainly due to the circumstances of the story. I will admit that I basically spent the whole book thinking ‘Clary you idiot, what are you doing?!?’. But what I really loved where the relationships. This book seemed particularly focused on them, and I am okay with that. I am now the biggest Malec shipper. I love them.

What I don’t love are Cassandra Clare’s fucking epilogues They always destroy me. I’m still not over Clockwork Princess, god knows how long it is going to take me to recover from this one. There was so much in this one, some of it sweet, some heartbreaking, some just wtf! It was a fantastic end in the sense that I need the next book….like now. I am actually going to read them back to back, which is not something I do. I am downloading Heavenly Fire as I type. That is how much I need this book. I am glad that I waited until they where all out to read them. I think I would have had a nervous breakdown if I had wait a year for the next one lol.

One random thing that I did love though where all the little nods to the Infernal Devices trilogy. The angle, the Tale of Two Cities, the ‘I had two loves’ line and just oh my god. I fan girled so much. I think I actually squealed a little bit when they mentioned the book. Actually, I squealed quiet a lot when read this. Whether from the references, the cuteness or the hilarious moments. This one was somehow simultaneously the darkest book and the funniest so far. I loved it. I cannot wait to finish this series now.

star 55 out of 5

I honestly cannot express to you how much I loved this one. I think that it is my favourite book of the series so far. Oh, and for anyone wondering why I suddenly skipped from reading to listening, my sister and I share an audible account and she owns the last two books as audiobooks, so since they are there, and the books are huge af, I thought that I would give it a go. Plus, I listened to the Infernal Devices and loved them, so I knew the audiobook would be good. Anyway, have you read the Mortal Instruments yet? What do you think of the series? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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