My Tsum Tsum Collection

Hey Guys!

As you all know by now, I collect random shit. And a lot of it. Sometimes those things are themed or are an actual collectable item, such as pop vinyl. So today I thought that I would share my current collection of a certain item with you, and if you like this post/idea, then I might do more of them, for other items that I collect. So today I am starting by sharing my current Tsum Tsum collection with you. Lets do this shit!

If you don’t know what Tsum Tsum’s are, they are a plushie that is created by Disney. They come in three sizes, giant, medium and tiny. I collect the tiny ones. Each Tsum Tsum is a different Disney character. Not all characters are available, but they are always releasing more and more. They are £3.50 each, so they are a very affordable collectable and they are just so damn cute. If you haven’t seen them they are kind of like little sausages, but they are adorable. The people ones look a bit derpy, but everything else is brilliant.


So here are the ones that I own at the moment:








Jack Skellington


Whinne The Pooh


Mrs Pots








Donald Duck





Christmas Jack Skellington

Christmas Mickey Mouse

Christmas Minnie Mouse

Christmas Chip or Dale (no idea which)

and there we have it. Those are all the Tsum Tsum’s that I currently own. There are a lot more that I want and that I will be buying over time. So, if you liked this, I can do an updated version in the future. Also, if you enjoyed this I can also do similar posts for my Pop Vinyl, my Lego Mini-figures, bookmarks, random crap on my shelves, whatever. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.


2 thoughts on “My Tsum Tsum Collection

  1. Let’s see that Pop Vinyl collection! I like Tsum Tsum especially the mini ones, did you see the advent calendar with them last year? I wanted it but it was sold out when I checked. I only have Belle/Beast/Lumiere and would like Mrs Potts BUT cute as they are I just don’t wanna start a massive mini stuffed toy collection at this point. Maybe I’ll only grab a special one here or there. Enjoy yours.
    PS You have Dale.

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    1. I did see the advent calendar but not until half way through December 😕, I’m hoping that they bring one out again this year, so I can get it.
      I started off thinking I would just get one or two…….it went out the window rather quickly lol. Luckily I have them all spread out over my bookcase so it doesn’t seem as bad at first glance lol.
      Good to know which Chipmunk it is (it’s been really bugging me lol)


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