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First Impressions: Tanya Burr Matte Nail Varnish

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to another first impressions post. Today it is the turn of an item from one of my favourite brands for nail varnish. It is a product from Tanya Burr cosmetics, and today it I a matte varnish.


I have tried lots of different varnishes by Tanya Burr cosmetics over the last couple of years. In fact, I believe that my first ever first impressions post was for a Tanya Burr nail varnish. I generally always really love them. I am yet to find one that I don’t. And recently while in my local Superdrug I noticed that they finally had a couple of her Matte nail varnishes in, so I decided to pick up one. I chose the shade New Chapter. So without further a do, here are my thoughts on it.

Firstly I love the colour. It is this really gorgeous purpley, beigey, grey kind of colour. It is so hard to describe but it is so beautiful. It is really light and neutral and it is one of those colours that goes with absolutely everything. I really like it. It is the perfect spring colour. And it works really nicely as a matte shade.

I really like the consistency of this one. Some matte shades can be really thick and kind of gloopy, but this one isn’t It is nice and exactly the same as a normal polish. This is really nice because it means that it applies really easily. It is so smooth and flawless, it is brilliant. My only complaint is that you can see kind of see streaks and ridges in it after it dries, but that seems to be a general issue with matte nail varnishes, it isn’t exclusive to this one.

I will say that it did dry very quickly and it is very matte. Again some that I have tried aren’t actually that matte, this one is very. It looks so good. And the matte lasts. I know that, particularity Barry M ones, the matte starts to fade after like a day or two and it basically just becomes normal nail varnish, which defeats the purpose of buying a matte polish in the first place. This didn’t happen with this one. They stayed very matte for a long time. It also didn’t chip particularly easily. Another issue I have experienced in the past.

Overall I really did love this one. I will definitely be buying more shades in the future I think this may be the best matte that I have tried so far. Have you tried any of these? What did you think about them? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.

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