Book Review: Username Regenerated by Joe Sugg

Hey Guys!

How are you today? Having a good weekend? It is once again time for another book review. And it is the turn of another graphic novel. It is also a sequel. Yup, today’s novel is Username Regenerated by Joe Sugg, with help from Mindy Lopkin, Amrit Birdi, Matt Whyman and Joaquin Pereyra. Let’s do this shiz.


I really love this series. These novels are so beautiful. The artwork in them is incredible. Birdi is an amazing artist. Some of the scenes in this book are breathtakingly stunning. I really love them. The designs, the colours, its all just so beautiful. It really does look like a paradise. I think these may be the prettiest graphic novels that I have ever read. They are a joy to look at.

They are also a joy to read. I love the storyline of this trilogy. It is just so interesting I would actually like just a standard book of this story. It is that good. I think that it is just so imaginative and interesting It has the perfect mix of reality and science fiction. Of real life and fantasy. It is perfectly balanced. As you know I am not a big sci-fi fan, but I love this story. It somehow manages to feel very real and relatable. You really connect with the story and the characters. I found myself really getting into it. I will admit that there where a couple of elements of this one that felt a little bit rushed, but even with that it was still enjoyable.

And I still love the fact there are deep messages woven into the story. It deals with some really intense topics. This is really unusual in a graphic novel, especially one based around a sci-fi world. That was my biggest surprise when I picked up the first book. I wasn’t expecting it to deal with grief and acceptance and friendship and all that stuff. This theme continued in the second book and I loved it.

I also loved that the characters are developing so much throughout these books. Everyone is growing and changing. I mean Evie is slowly becoming so much more independent, and confident and really growing into herself. Mallory is growing more caring and less self centred And so on. Everyone is developing as characters and that is really nice to see.

Overall I really do like these graphic novels. They are absolutely beautiful and contain such a good story. I cannot wait to see how this trilogy ends.

star 4.54.5 out of 5

now, I just have to wait until September for the last book lol. Have you read these ones? What did you think about them? And any graphic novels or manga’s that you would recommend? I am really getting back into them at the moment. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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