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Collective Haul

Hey Guys!

Today I thought that I would do another little collective haul. I haven’t really been shopping all that much lately, I am trying to save some money. I am hoping to replace my camera this year and, finally, get my drivers licence, so I am bit more frugal then usual, but I have picked up a few odd bits here and there so I thought that I would hare them with you. Here we go…


First I picked up another Lego Birckhead thing. If you saw my Disney haul then you know that I brought one there, well I love it so much that I got another one I picked up Belle. I will admit, she does look a bit derpy, and this one was a lot more complicated to put together then my Iron Man but I love it. It looks super cute on my book shelves and I can see these becoming something that I collect. It was £9.99, which is actually pretty good.

Next I popped into Peacocks with my mum to try and find a clutch for her and ended up getting a pair of shoes. They are a pair of black, multi-buckle heals. They are fake saude, really comfy and so beautiful. I love them. They are a dupe for the Topshop version of the Saint Laurent ones (if that makes sense) and I love them. I have wanted a pair of these for ages, but couldn’t bring myself to spend £60 on the Topshop ones, but I saw these and they where only £24 to begin with, plus they where on sale for half price so only £12 and I could not leave them there. I love them. I can see myself wearing these all the time.

I also went into Clinton and got a couple more Tsum Tsum’s. I picked up the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and then I (FINALLY!) got myself a Belle. I got Beast, Mrs Pots and Chip ages ago and I have never been able to find a Belle, but now I have one, at long last lol. They are £3.50 each and yeah. Nothing more I can say about them.

Next I went into New Look where I got a few sale items. First I got two beanie hats. They are identical, one black, one grey. They are in the really oversized, floppy style and very cute. They will be perfect for autumn (yes, I am already waiting for it lol). One was £1, the other £1.50….not sure why, but oh well. Still a bargain I also picked up two sets of tights. Both ‘fashion’ tights. I just thought that these would look really sweet with my black skater skirt. Both are black, and normal up to mid thigh. Then one has strips, the other spots. I just really like them. They where £2 each I I think they will look very cute.


Then I ordered myself a mug from Evie Bookish on Society 6. There are a few designs on here that I have been eyeing up for a while but a few weeks ago there was one of their flash discount offer things, so I decided to finally go for it and order one. So I ultimately decided to get the Infernal Devices one. It is so beautiful. It is all in shades of black and blue and green and it is so stunning. On one side of it is an illustration of the Clockwork Angel and then on the other side was a quote from Clockwork Princess that is so lovely. The quote it ‘It is not easy to be different, and even less so to be unique. But I begin to think I was never meant for an easy road’ and I love it. This is going to sit on my Cassandra Clare shelf and look beautiful. I think it cost me around the equivalent of £9, but it was ages ago because shipping to the UK takes and age, and I cant remember how much discount I had. If you want bookish items, check out Evie Bookish.


Next, rather randomly, I brought some shelf brackets. I am currently redecorating my bedroom, and while doing this I have removed a giant framed poster that I had on my wall and decided to replace it with some shelves. I originally wanted floating shelves, but I was worried that they wouldn’t hold any weight, considering I am using them as kind of ‘feature’ book shelves (they now contain some of my all time favs/pretty book) so I got myself some brackets instead. The ones I got are just simple white metal. They have the cross bar on them to act as a bookend and I really like them. They where around £3 each from amazon.

I also actually brought some music. I know! I brought myself a couple of albums that I have wanted for ages. I popped into HMV and picked up 2 albums on their 2 for £10 deal. I got 21 Pilots, Blurry Face and also Troye Sivan, Blue Neighbourhood. I had listened to both of these on Spotify multiple times already but I don’t like streaming out and about because of how much data it uses, plus the adds really piss me off lol, so I am so happy to finally own both of these.

I also picked up a new work skirt. Mine has needed replacing for about 4 moths now but I have been putting off getting a new one for so long. Partly because I am a cheapskate but mainly because nowhere had the right length in stock (I am very short and they only had long ones in that came like to my shins which is just way to long for me). So I popped into H and M and they finally had my length in again. It is just a simple, knee length, fitted pencil skirt. It was £17.99 and just perfect for work. While in here I also picked up 2 new basic white tank tops. They where £3.99 each and are the best around.


Next, randomly I brought I got myself some nail wheel swatch things. Basically, have chosen some storage boxes that I am going to buy after pay day for my nail varnish collection. At the moment they are all in mixed matched boxes and are very ugly so I have chosen these boxes and I am planning to reorganise everything and maybe get rid of a couple that I don’t like. But I have also decided since I have around 80 varnishes I want to make it easier to chose what ones I want to wear. So I order these little wheels. Basically, if you haven’t seen these, they are plastic wheels with fake nails on them and you simply paint each one a different colour and then label it. It helps show what the actual colour is and makes it easier to choose one. I mean, how many times have you started painting your nails only to discover that it looks nothing like it did in the bottle. So I got a pack of 10 wheels, around 140 nails, and they where £1.59 from amazon. (side note, once I have sorted everything out, would you like a nail varnish collection post?)

In the same spirit I brought some tiny little sticky labels. This is just to make labelling the wheels easier. Again, from amazon, they where like £1 for 300. and they are about 9 mm by 13mm.

Finally I brought some paint. As I have already mentioned I am currently redecorating my bedroom, so I had to buy paint. I got a 2.5lt pot of Dulex paint in the shade Gray Steel 2, which is a light grey colour. And yeah. It was about £30 and I cant wait to actually paint.

And there we have it. Those are the things that I have brought over the last month or so. Quiet a strange selection, but still. Have you brought anything recently? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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