Spring Nails

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As I am sure you know by now, each season I make a series of posts about a certain topic within that season, winter candles, summer reads and so on. Well today it is time for my Spring Nails post. As you all know by this point, I always have my nails painted and I change my nail varnish every 3 to 4 days. I get bored of my colour really quickly and because of where I work, I chip my nail varnish quiet a lot. This means that each season I have quiet a lot of shades that I really love. Let’s get into this.

I love pastel shades during spring. They are my least favourite type of colour the rest of the year, but I love them during spring. Pastel shades just always feel very fresh and light during spring. I personally tend to go for the more neutral options. I’m generally a pretty boring person when it comes to my colour options. But anyway, I am going to go through each brand that I have been wearing and what shades by them I am loving. Also, as always, I still only use Leighton Denny, Crystal Finish, Top Coat. I have said it before, and I will say it again, this is the best topcoat around. If you need a Top Coat, give this one a go.


The first brand that I am going to talk about is the one that I have the most shades for, and that is Barry M. if you have followed me for a while you will know that I absolutely love Barry M. They are my favourite brand for nail varnish. They are good quality, have such a wide range of colours and they are really reasonably pried. I love them. Most of the shades that I have been wearing recently are actually from last years spring/summer collection. I am still so in love with this range. It was all pastel and so cute. (fyi, you can still get all of these shades, Barry M aren’t big on limited edition shades). I ended up buying the entire range last year. They are all Gelly shades, so they are super high shine and wear really well. First, my favourite, Pink Lemonade. I honestly love this colour I find myself going back to it time and time again. I am not normally a pink person but this one is just so gorgeous. It is a very soft pastel shade. Very very gentle. I love it. It is such a soft pink that it goes with any clothes and is just incredibly easy to wear. Next, Cream Soda. This is an off-white shade and again, it is just so pretty. I love white nail varnish, but it can sometimes be a bit harsh, this isn’t. Because it has a very slight cream undertone to it, it makes it a lot softer. Again, I have found myself going back to this one a lot. Again, it is very easy to wear. The only issue with it is, being white, it picks up dirt, if that makes since. You can only wear if for about 3 days before you have to repaint. And this is purely because it turns slightly grey. The next shade from the spring/summer collection that I have been loving is, Butterscotch Sundae. As the title suggests, with is a butterscotch colour Again, very pastel, but very sweet. I love it. It is a very good neutral colour It sort of reminds me of Leighton Denny, Supermodel, in the since that you can wear it with anything. It just sort of goes with everything. I love it. I do also own the other shade from this collection, but it is too dark for spring. I doubt I will use it until summer.

There are also some older Barry M shades that I have been wearing and loving. First there is Rose Hip. This one is much more pink then anything I usually wear, but I like it. The only thing about this is because I am not a big pink person, I can only wear this shade for a couple of days before wanting it off my hands lol. But it is a nice colour. It is a very light pink, almost a baby pink. Again it is a Gelly shade. I have also been wearing Cotton a lot. Once again, a Gelly shade (I’m sensing a pattern here lol). This one is a pure white shade. I really love it. I have been wearing this on and off ever since I brought it last spring. It is just so clean and crisp and just generally so pretty. I have been wearing this a lot recently and I love it.


I have also been wearing one shade from the new ‘Frosted Cupcake’ range. This range is basically pearlised, almost glittery, pastel shades. The shade that I have been wearing is Earle Grey. This is a really nice pearlised grey shade. It is very light and cute. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about these shades when I first saw them, but I do quiet like them. I wouldn’t wear them all the time, but they are nice occasional shades. In most light it just kind of looks speckled, and glittery in the light. I just love it. I have been reaching for this a lot and I am planning to buy a couple more.


There are also a couple of Rimmel shades that I have been really liking recently. The first is Sand and Deliver. This one is a really basic, natural beige colour. It is really easy to wear and very spring like, although I think it could also be nice in the summer. The other colour is Lose Your Lingerie. This one is a really light pink colour that is a bit pearlised. I know I’m not much of a pink person, but I really like this one. It just screams pink. I have only worn it once of twice, but I really like it.


Another brand that I have been liking is Seventeen. I brought a few shades from this brand recently and I quiet like them. They aren’t the best, they are a bit wishy washy, but they are still nice. The colour that I have been wearing most is a shade called Beige Nude. It is very similar to Sand and Deliver Very natural and neutral Just a very nice spring colour, even if you do need three coats of it.


The final brand that I have really been liking recently is Tanya Burr cosmetics. I love this brand and have done for quiet a while, but recently I brought myself one of her Matte shades and I love it. I got the colour New Chapter which is this beautiful grey beige colour. It is very matte and so nice. I have been wearing this one a lot and I honestly love it. I will definitely be buying myself some more of this range.

And there we have it. Those are all the shades that I have been loving recently. I really am into light shades recently. What have you been wearing recently? Any recommendations? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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