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First Impressions: Molton Brown Shower Gel

Hey Guys!

Welcome back. Today it is time for another first impressions post. Today it is the turn of a Molton Brown Shower Gel. Lets do this.


So if you have followed me for a while then you will know that in my Christmas stocking this year I received one of the Molton Brown Christmas bauble shower gel’s. I got the London via Champagne-Ardenne one…..not sure if that’s the name or what, but that’s all it says on the box lol. Anyway, I got this for Christmas, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it until now. And honestly, I have mixed feels about it.

Everyone always talks so highly of Molton Brown and as a high end brand, I was expecting a truly incredible product and actually it was bit meh. Firstly, I will say this, it smells amazing. I mean absolutely incredible. I love the scent. It is hard to describe but it is kind of musky and fruity, but also fresh…I cant describe it, but know this, it is amazing and I love it. I kind of want it as an actual body scent. Unfortunately I didn’t find that the scent lingered. I mean, it hung on my skin a bit, but not a lot, which is a shame because it does smell so good. I also found that although it cleans really well, and feels really nice on your skin, it didn’t really leave my skin feeling particularly soft like most shower gels do. I also didn’t find that it lathered very well. I mean a little bit of product did go a long way, but it just wasn’t particularly lather-y…..if that makes sense. Maybe I am being picky, but considering how expensive this brand is, I was expecting a little bit more from them.

I will also say this, although the bauble idea is really cool, it is a bit gimmicky but it is festive and sweet and looks really good, it is impossible to get the product out of. Seriously I stood squeezing and shaking that bitch for a good five minuets before I actually managed to get some product on my bath lily. It was ridiculous. Such a pain.

Over all, I wasn’t that impressed by this. The best bit of it was the scent, the actual product was a bit meh. I don’t think I will be buying myself anything like this in the future. I may look at the fragrances in the future, but I not the shower gel. Its a shame, I have been saving this because I was hoping that I would love it. Safe to say I’m a little disappointed Have you tried any Molton Brown products? What did you think of them? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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