Book Review: Username Regenerated by Joe Sugg

Hey Guys! How are you today? Having a good weekend? It is once again time for another book review. And it is the turn of another graphic novel. It is also a sequel. Yup, today’s novel is Username Regenerated by Joe Sugg, with help from Mindy Lopkin, Amrit Birdi, Matt Whyman and Joaquin Pereyra. Let’s… Continue reading Book Review: Username Regenerated by Joe Sugg

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First Impressions: Seventeen, Nail Varnish

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today I am doing another first impressions post. I really love making these posts. They give me a reason to actually try new products and take some chances (I am a creature of habit lol). Anyway, today’s first impressions post is, once again, for a nail varnish. So,… Continue reading First Impressions: Seventeen, Nail Varnish