Film Review: Beauty And The Beast

Hey Guys!

Today I am doing something a bit different. I am doing a film review. So I generally don’t bother going to the cinema very often. I’m just too lazy. I generally much prefer waiting for a film to come out on DVD so I can watch it in bed, then having to go outside and interact with people. The only time I go to the cinema is if it is a film that I absolutely cannot wait to see. I can prove how long it has been since I went to the cinema, the last film I saw was Fantastic Beasts. Yea, exactly. So, since when I do go it is for something that I have been highly anticipating, I thought I would try reviewing what I saw. I don’t know if I will like doing this, whether it will become a thing or just a one off, but I wanted to give it a try. So today I am going to be reviewing, Beauty And The Beast. Lets do this.


I have been highly anticipating the release of this film ever since they announce that it was being made. Beauty And The Beast has always been my favourite Disney Princess story/film. In fact, it is my second all time favourite Disney film (if your interested it goes, The Lion King, Beauty And The Beast and then Peter Pan). I have always absolutely adored it and I not sure why I love this one so much, but I have. So naturally, I wanted the live action version so bad. And my desire for this film only grew as the cast was announced. I love Emma Watson anyway, but when I found out that she had been cast I was so excited. I thought that she would make the perfect Belle, and you know, she did.

I loved the film. I watched it on Friday, and I already want to see it again. I don’t know if I can wait for the DVD lol. This film was everything that I had hoped that it would be, and more. The story was so beautiful. They kept to the original brilliantly, but they also added in extra little bit’s here and there that really added to the story. For instance, they added in some background about Belle and her father and what happened to her mother, which I didn’t realise until they explained it, that nothing is given about it in the original film. They interwove the classic with the new elements perfectly It all worked. I loved the way that they did it.

I also love the characters. Again they kept true to the original story. But all the actors fit their roles perfectly. Emma Watson truly is the best Belle. I cant imagine anyone doing a better job. She just is Belle. I cant even describe why she worked so well as her, she just did. I don’t know if it is her appearance, her mannerisms, I don’t know, she just is Belle. And then between Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and just everyone, you had the perfect cast. There was only one person I didn’t like and that was Emma Thompson. But I think that is just because I want Angela Lansbury. Beauty And The Beast (the song) isn’t the same unless it is Angela Lansbury.

Overall I really did love this film. It was pure magic. I absolutely adored every second of it. I am also a little bit ashamed of how many times I teared up while watching it lol. Although I will admit, I am always kind of disappointed in The Beast as a prince. I don’t know why, but I always find him a let down. Which is stupid because Dan Stevens is a very attractive man, and yet I am still disappointed lol…..lets not over analyse that one lol.

star 55 out of 5

I cannot tell you enough how much I loved this film. It was just incredible. It lived up to all my expectorations and I cannot wait to see it again. Have you watched this yet? What did you think about it? And do you want me to do more of these in the future? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.


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