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First Impressions: Maybelline Baby Lips

Hey Guys!

It’s time for another first impressions post. Today’s product is Maybelline Baby Lips. I actually got this in the Christmas stocking but I have only just got around to testing it out. So I got, one in the scent Pumpkin Spice Latte and the other in Chai Tea. I have finally tried the Chai Tea one, I am saving the PSL one for autumn, so here is what I thought about it.


If you don’t know what Baby Lips is, its a tinted lip balm. They have tones of different scents and colours and they are really popular I have never tried one of these, I could never decide if I wanted to or not. The first thing I am going to say is I hate the colour of the Chai Tea one. It is a super dark, bright red. It isn’t just a tint, it is a full on colour. I cant wear lipstick. It does not suit me at all. When I wear lipstick I look like a kid whose got into their mums make-up bag (I don’t mean that in a its applied badly way, it just doesn’t suit my face). So, I don’t like this about this product. It is so bright and dark and it does not suit me at all. I didn’t realise it was so dark until I opened it up. The other issue I have noticed with this is the actual lip balm isn’t shaped. It is a flat, dome, standard lip balm shape, which is almost impossible to apply evenly across your whole lips. Its just impossible. This is especially a problem with such a bold colour.

Besides that, I quiet liked it. It smells amazing. Really rich and spicy and so nice, I really liked it. I am intrigued to see what the other scents are like. The scent hangs around for quiet a while as well, which is nice. A lot of scented lip balms lose their scent after like 2 minuets. This one didn’t It lasted for ages. I know that they quiet regularly release special edition scents, which I may have to keep an eye on. This one was one, so was my other one, so I am interested to see what other limited edition ones they have. I also want to know what the standard scents are like.

As for the feel of the lip balm, it isn’t the most moisturising. I’ve had better. I mean, it does leave your lips fairly soft, but its not particularly long lasting. It kind of just felt like a slightly moisturising lipstick. Not a lip balm. It wasn’t that great in that department, which is a shame. I can however see why people like these. If you have a much more subtle shaded one, I imagine that they are very nice. Just make you lips look healthy and feel soft. And they are only ¬£2.99 a tube which is pretty good value for money. I will look at a few others of these, but I am not converted to them. They are okay, but not great.

And there we go. Those where my thoughts on Maybelline Baby Lips. What do you think of this product? Do you share my opinion, or do you feel differently? I would love to know. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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