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Collective Haul

Hey Guys!

I feel as if I haven’t done a non book related haul in ages, so today I am going to do a collective haul. I haven’t really brought a lot of anything lately. It has just been little bits here and there. So I thought that I would share all the little things that I have collected with you.

So first I am going to start with Superdrug. In here I picked up three things. All of their Rimmel product are 2 for £10 at the moment so I deiced to try a new foundation. I picked up the Rimmel Patch Perfection Liquid Foundation in 100 Ivory. I tried on of their foundations last year and I really like it but I thought that this is the perfect time to try another one. Also in this deal I got myself a new concealer, as mine has run out. It is just another tube of my all time favourite one, which is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in the shade 010 Ivory. Obviously these two items cost me £10. The final product that I brought was actually on a completely different occasion and I simply picked up a new bottle of the Rimmel Black Out nail varnish. I went to use mine the other day and it has gone all gloppy and gross and I had to throw it out lol. So I brought a new one for £2.99.


Next I went into Boots. The first thing that I brought in here was a new Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. My dog ate mine. I’m not even joking lol. So since I brought some new foundation, I got a new sponge. It was on offer for £4.49 so I got a brilliant deal on it.


Next, rather boringly, I brought myself some new work shoes. Mine had completely fallen apart. So I went to Deichmann and literally brought the same shoes that I before. They are just simple black, suede lace up flats. They are really simple and cute. They last ages and are really comfortable and they where only £14.99, so really affordable.


Next I went to Primark. In here I only actually brought two things. First I picked up some Pokemon socks. Yes, I am a nerd. They are just so damn cute. There are three pairs and they where £2.50. the other item is a foldaway shopping bag. It is a Mickey Mouse one. I brought my sister the Minnie version as we are going to Disney Land Paris in a few weeks, I thought it would be cute to match. It was £2, its really cute and will be super useful. I love totes and the likes. They are just so handy.

The next place that I went was H and M. I received a gift voucher for here for Christmas so I went in knowing that I would buy something. I got one item, a new design of my favourite sweatshirt. As you know I have about a dozen of these jumpers in different designs. The new one is a simple black design with a white skull design on the front. It was £6.99 and I absolutely love it. I still have a bit on my gift card so I will be heading back soon. (Sorry there is no photo for this one, but the jumper is currently in the wash)

I brought a wooden B….yea, pretty random, but whatever. I went into Matalan looking for something red to wear (don’t ask) and instead I left with a big arse wood B. it was £3 and is really cute. I really like it. I originally intended to put it on my book case, but for now it is on my windowsill next to my Cacti and a photo-frame. It looks really sweet, but I haven’t decided if it is going to stay there yet. Random, but sweet.

Next I went into Poundland and brought a few props for photos. I am trying to build up a selection of props that I can use for photos. So far I have a few bits and pieces but I am always on the look out for new bits. I aim to eventually have a prop for every occasion. So I when I went into the store and saw all the Valentine’s themed stuff, I instantly spotted a couple of really good props that I just had to get. The first is a little box of fake rose petals. They aren’t the best, but they are still pretty damn good. They are really simple just like those silk flower leaves and they are perfect for photos. I also picked up a pack of plastic heart gems. Again, not the best quality item for decoration, but perfect for photos. And for just £1 they are brilliant. If you ever need props for anything, try poundland. Great budget items.


The final thing that I got is a little bit random. I got a new phone. My old one was completely dead and it was driving me insane. My contract was finally up so I have upgraded. Yay! I have gotten myself the Samsung Galaxy S7. It’s so pretty! I love it so much. And I finally have a phone that actually works! I had to pay £150 for it upfront, which is why I am including it. I love it so much and I am so happy with it.

And that’s it. This has all been over a couple of months and I am sure that there is more that i have forgotten lol. What have you guys brought recently? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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