My Top Post-Apocalyptic Books

Hey Guys!

Today I am starting a new sort of series of posts. Each one will be talking about my top, however many, books that regard a certain topic or have a certain theme. For instance, today’s post is all about my top post-apocalyptic books, I am planning one about my top books with elements of mental health issues in them, top LGBT books, top magic based books and so on and so forth. Basically, this is going to be a recommendation post, but a very specific one. So, in no specific order, here are my top 5 post-apocalyptic books.

Angelfall 1

Penryn And The End Of Days – Susan E E

This is one of my all time favourite trilogy’s. In these books you follow 17 year old Penryn as she navigates a world ravaged by angels. The books focus around her quest to reunite her family and her unlikely allegiance with Archangel Raphael. This trilogy is so fast paced and exciting, there is always something going on. The world is brilliant written and very well rounded. The entire trilogy is set over just a couple of weeks and they are the sort of books that you want to read straight after one another. They are truly epic and hold everything you could ever want in a book.


The Maze Runner Trilogy – James Dashner

This trilogy borders the line between post-apocalyptic and dystopian These books follow Thomas as he is thrown into the Trails, test designed to find a cure for a disease that is ravaging the earth, causing humanity to loose their minds. The entire world has become a waste land caused by sun flares, and the disease, known as The Flare, is rapidly wiping out the last of humaninty. These books are dark and twisted with teenagers fighting for their lives, being put through literal hell by an organisation called WICKED. They have no memories from their lives before the Trails and must find a way to survive. These books are wonderfully fast paced and imaginative You learn alongside the characters, nothing is just given to you. This trilogy really divides people, but I think that they are incredible.


The Blood Of Eden Trilogy – Julie Kagawa

I am including this on this list, even though I have currently only read the first book in the trilogy. The books are set in a world where a deadly virus, Red Lung, has wiped out the majority of humanity and Vampires now rule. You follow 16 year old Ally as she fights to survive and find her place in this horrific world and a cure. There are so many twists and turns in these books and such an interesting world. I have never read a Vampire based Post-Apocalyptic book before this. This world just works.


The Forest Of Hands And Teeth – Carrie Ryan

welcome to the first ever book to scare the crap out of me. I didn’t want to go outside for months (I was only 13 I read it for the first time lol). Again I am never quiet sold on whether this is a post-apocalyptic or just plain fantasy. It’s almost like a post-apocalyptic, historical book….if that makes any sense at all. These books are set in a world where the dead no longer stay dead. Humanity are forced to live behind fences and walls to keep themselves safe, that is, until the fences are breached. In the first book you follow a young woman and her friends/family/love interest as they are forced from their village and into the forest. It is an amazing adventure and such a brilliant story. This is actually a trilogy, but it is more like a trilogy of companion novels. Each book has some of the same characters, but its own story. This is the perfect post-apocalyptic series, and is also a brilliant Halloween read as it is incredibly unnerving at times, with how realistic it feels.

Earth Fall x2

Earthfall – Mark Walden

I have something SC-FI on a list! This is very rare. Again, this is a trilogy, but it is a teen not YA one. These books follow teenager Sam as he fights for survival in a world where aliens have taken over. With 99% of humanity enslaved, Sam is part of a small group who are still free. You follow him as she finds out why he is free, uncovers secrets, learns to fight and ultimately engages in a battle for Earth. I love these books, they are one of the few Sci-fi books that I like. They are fast pace, action pack, yet easy to read. And the final book in this trilogy has just come out.

And there we have it. Those are my top 5 post-apocalyptic books, as of march 2017. There are a lot of post-apocalyptic books on my TBR, such as The Enemy by Charlie Higson, The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey, Not A Drop To Drink by Mindy McGinnis and many more. So I am well do an updated version of this in a year. Let me know if that is something that you might like to see. What are your favourite post-apocalyptic books? Any that you can recommend? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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