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Disney Haul

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to my blog. Today I am doing my haul from Disneyland Paris that I promised last week. I got very over excited at Disney and spent far, far too much money there. I’m not going to lie, my sister had to seriously restrain me lol. But anyway, here is what I brought.


I brought a mug. I’m sorry, but you cant go somewhere nerdy and not buy a mug lol. I picked up a mug from my favourite Disney film, The Lion King. This one is so cute. It is a really good size mug and is really good quality. It has Simba on the front in full colour and then sketches of him all around. It is from a small range of mugs in this design. There is also Alice In Wonderland and Lady and The Tramp, there may be more but I haven’t seen them. I love this mug. It is so beautiful. It was €12.99 and I love it. I had a lot of issues choosing which mug as I swore that I would only buy one and this ended up being my favourite, although I was tempted by another range.


I also brought myself a glass. A bit random I know, but it was too cute to leave there. It is a really simple glass covered in Mickey Mouse sketches I just think this is really cute. I was tempted to buy a whole set of them, but it was hard enough getting the one home lol. I originally got it thinking that it would be a nice make-up brush pot, but I’m not sure if I will use it for that or not. I’m not sure. It was €4.99 and I love it.


Next I brought myself two postcards. You may not know this but I tend to use postcards and bookmarks. I generally just find them a better option, just because they stay in my book better. I always carry a book around with me, and normal bookmarks fall out. So since I was at Disney I decided to pick up a couple of Disney themed ones. I got two in the same style. They are grey scale scenes of the park, one of Disney the other of Studio, with Disney characters on them in full colour and shiny The Disney one has princesses and the studio one all the original characters (Mickey, Minnie ect). They where €2 each and I love them.


Next I did the stereotypical Disney thing and brought a pair of ears. I’m not even ashamed lol. I decided to get just the standard ones, not the fancy design ones. Mine are simple black ears with the red spotty bow. I love them. They where ridiculously expensive for what they are, but what the hell lol. I will also probably never wear them again, but they will look cute on my book shelf somewhere. They where €13.99 and I don’t regret a thing lol.


Next I brought a t shirt I got the simplistic Mickey one. It is a basic grey t shirt with mickeys face on it. It is kind of designed to look like its all blended together, if that makes sense. It is a man’s style one, but I brought it to sleep in, not going to lie. It was €19.99, which is super expensive for a bed top but what the hell, and I got it in a medium which is fucking huge on me and I kind of wish they had had a small.


I also got myself 2 keyring, which are not going to be used as keyring They are going to sit on my bookshelf I got Stitch, who I love, for €6.99 and Captain Hook for €2 (he was on clearance). They are the Vinyl figure ones and are so damn cute. I had a really hard time choosing what ones to get. I was hoping for a Belle one, but they had sold out which made me sad. I may have to try and order one offline somewhere.


Next I picked up a Mickey Mouse silicon baking tray. As you know, I love baking so I could resist this. There where a few different options of these and I choose the tray one. This has 6 small Mickey head shapes in it. I thought that this would be perfect for brownies, mini cheesecakes, possibly little cakes. I don’t know, I just loved it. It was €12.99, which was a bit expensive but it seems like really quality and I love it. I personally don’t mind investing in decent bake wear.


The final thing that I got myself isn’t properly Disney I got myself a Lego Iron Man brick head figure. Yea, that was wordy lol. There is a leg shop at Disneyland Paris and I went in, saw this, fell in love, and brought it. It is so cool. I love it. I think these are new because I have never seen them before. It was €9.99 and I am so happy with it. Now I just need to figure out how to put it together…this could be fun lol. (it was actually super simple)


The last few thing I got where gifts for people. I got a bag of chocolate for work, some sweets for a friend, a spiderman keyring for another friend, a magnet for my parents and for a little girl who is a family friend that I look after quiet a lot and love to bits I brought her a Minnie Mouse plushie that is dressed as a princess and a Cinderella Pez dispenser. I spent around €5 on everything, except for the plushie which was €19.99, ouch (she’s lucky I love her lol).

And that’s it. That’s everything that I brought at Disney. I went a bit over board. I just wanted it all!!!!! I love everything that I got and wish I had got some other things. Anyway. What nerdy thing have you brought recently? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you al again very soon.



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