My Week At Disney

Hey Guys!

Today I thought that I would do another kind of day in the life post. I don’t do these very often, I only tend to do them when I do something super exciting (so, basically never lol). But last week I did something super super exciting and it is something that I have wanted to do my entire life. I went to Disney! So since I am now home, I thought that I share my thoughts and experiences of my trip with you.


So I went to Disneyland Paris with my sister, Alice. We went for 4 days and 3 nights and I loved every second of it. I was a little bit worried about going. I have pretty bad anxiety and I get panic attacks and several things we did this week are possible triggers for me. I don’t like not knowing what’s happening, I have issues with crowds, I don’t like feelong trapped and yea, I was worried. But I think I actually did really well. I didn’t have a single panic attack. I did get very anxious a couple of times, but not as many times as I had thought. This was my first time going abroad without my parents, being completely in charge of myself, which was very daughnting and I am vert glad that Alice was with me because she very much kept me anchored and looked after me. Especially as she had been the year before so she knew her way around the park and stations and all that shit.


We left home at about 6:30 am on Monday morning and travelled by train to St Pancras International, where we then got the Euro Star direct to the park. This bit was all pretty straight forward, although taking a massive suitcase on the train is not easy. I also discovered that the Euro Star makes me travel sick. This usually doesn’t happen on trains but it did on here. Both ways. I’m not sure why, but yea. That was a great start to the trip lol. The whole journey took around 6 and half to 7 hours, but that was with changes and passport control and all that stuff. Still, it was pretty tedious. But after we got there, I loved it.


The first day we didn’t actually get to the park until about 2:30 pm so we didn’t have that long in the park. When we got there we had express baggage so we just handed off our bag and went straight into the park. We spent about 45 minutes just wandering around, stretching our legs and then we decided to do a couple of rides. That day we went on Small World, Snow White and into Queen Of Hearts maze and castle (which I got super anxious in and had to leave (great start lol)). Personally I think that this was a really good start. Although side note, both small world and snow white are super creepy. We then went to our hotel for a couple of hours to check in, unpack a bit and just rest. At about 7 we headed over to the park and went to the food section and just ourselves a sandwich for dinner. We had been snaking on the train all day, plus after the anxiety incident we got chips to make me feel a bit better.


On the second day we did a lot. We had a 7 am breakfast (we ask for 8 but got 7…..I don’t like getting up at 6:30 on holiday lol -pout- ) so we would go to that each morning, go back to our room to get ready and then head out for the day. This was our busiest, longest day. We got to the park at about 8:45, wondered for a bit because no rides open till 10 (what is the point of early access if nothing is open?!?) and then went on Pinocchio, Tower Of Terror, Armageddon, Phantom Manor, Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain, the Carousel, the flying carpet one whose name escapes me and I think that’s it. We generally choose what we did when depending on the wait time. We both refuse to wait for over 60 mins for something. The only exception was thunder mountain which we qued for about an hour and a half for (the board lied). We also did the Parade and the fireworks that day. We had a big lunch at the Plaza Gardens and didn’t actually eat for dinner. It was a very long day, but I liked it. We got a lot done.


On the third day we started in the Studio area and went on RC Racer, Tower Of Terror again and Rockin Roller-coaster (which was my favourite but Alice wouldn’t take me on it more then once lol), we then had lunch over there in the Restaurant des Stars. After that we did a little shopping and then went back to our hotel for an hour, just the crows die down a bit. Then we headed back into the Disney ares where we did Buzz Lightyear’s Laser thingy (which we qued for for bloody ages), Phantom Manor again (there was literally a 2 minuet que lol), I feel like we did something else that day, but I cant remember what. There where tones of school trips there that day so everything had at least an hour que for it. We did a bit more shopping that day as well, watched the parade (where I got punched in the back of the head (I was not impressed)), got an Earl Of Sandwich for dinner and then headed back to out hotel for an early night.


The final day we basically had the whole day. We had breakfast, checked out the hotel and headed to the park. We went straight to Peter Pan, which had had over an hour ques all week, qued for about half an hour for that, then we went on the steam boat thing, which was fucking freezing. We then decided to go on Thunder Mountain again as it is my sisters fave, then we went and had lunch, in the same place as the day before. We then road the train round the park, we where trying to kill time at that point. All the rides had stupid ques and we where on a time limit. We wandered for a while an decided to finish the trip as we started, and went on Small World again. We then did the last of our shopping, had a hot drink and it down, and then headed to the station.


There are few rides that we didn’t do, some of which shut like Space Mountain, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Studio Tours, and others that we weren’t that interested in and stupid ques for what they are. But asides from the rides we did quiet a lot. We didn’t meet any of the characters, mainly because of the ques and I didn’t want to deprive and kids of the experience, but my sister did want to get pictures of everyone we saw. Which was hilarious as it meant she got glared at by several members of team Disney, gesticulated at by an angry french man, and mad us have awkward eye contacted with jack sparrow lol. We also did the parade twice, which was brilliant I loved it, although Simba was creepy. Same with the fireworks.


I just loved everything. I was that going as an adult I wouldn’t feel the magic, but I really did. Everything was so beautiful and well designed, everyone was so nice and friendly and helpful, the atmosphere was amazing. I just loved it. I also teared up a few times. When I saw sleeping beauties castle for the first time, when I watched the parade the first time and when Anna and Elsa rode though the park in a carriage to Let It Go. It was just so magical, I loved it all and I want to go back again already.


I will admit that there where a few things that irritated me, but that was more people then Disney I got really fed up with people cutting me up, barging into me and being arses,. I got really pissed at people pushing into ques and even pissed at the people who kept moaning that things where in French (you’re in France, what the fuck expect?, plus everyone speaks English if you ask them). I am literally covered in bruises from people barging into me. And don’t even ask me about the journey home. Lets just say my sister ended up bleeding and I was violently sick in a train bathroom. Plus we got back to St Pancras to discover no trains where running so had sprint across London to Victoria to get the only train running to Brighton, that was super fun (not the sarcasm). But overall, it was a brilliant trip. It was fun, it was magical, and it was really nice to spend some quality time with my sister.


There are more pictures up on my Instagram if you want to see more. I am also going to be doing a Disney haul next Monday, it was going to be included in this but that will be to long. And I basically hope that you liked this post. If you have any questions about the trip please feel free to ask and I will see you all again very soon.


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