Book Review: Beware The Little White Rabbit by Various

Hey Guys!

It is once more time for a book review and today it is the turn of another anthology. This time, Alice In Wonderland themed. I will do this in my usual anthology style, general wrap up review and mini review for each individual story. Lets just dive straight into it.


I loved this anthology. It was weird and whimsical but also very enjoyable. Some of the stories where a bit strange, and generally not what I was expecting, but for the most part I really enjoyed it. I love retellings in general and this one was just so perfect because it was just took so many different aspect of the original story and twisted them in so many different ways. I loved it. I feel like this is a really good anthology. Most of the stories in it where a bit dark and twisted, but I really liked this. I also loved that they where all very different to each other. Some felt a lot more Alice In Wonderland themed then others, but I still enjoyed them all. This one is well worth a read.

star 44 out of 5

Alice, Through The Wormhole by Charlotte Bennardo

Sci-fi Alice in wonderland? Why the hell not. This was a very good story to start on. It was weird and a little disjointed but a very good concept. It is one of those short stories that has the makings for a full on novel. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a arse kicking Alice, roaming through space and dealing with aliens and drinking drug tea? I know I do. I really liked this one, even if it wasn’t the most awe inspiring thing that I have ever read.

star 44 out of 5

They Call Me Alice by C. Lee McKenzie

I am a little bit torn over this story. Liked it, but there wasn’t much Alice In Wonderland about it. The story followed a young chinese girl who has lost her mother and essentially been adopted by an American couple. The story follows her as she struggles with identity and her life and all that stuff. I really liked this element of the story. I thought that it was very well written and very interesting What I was unsure about was the way the author added in a chines myth to the story. I think it was a good idea and interesting, but I don’t know, it just didn’t feel that in keeping with the theme of the book and it felt a little disjointed from everything else. Generally I liked the story, but it’s not my favourite.

star 3.53.5 out of 5

Alice, Last Of The Beating Hearts by David Turnbull

This one may be my favourite one. There was lot going on in such a short story. This one was a Post-Apocolptic earth, full of animations and weird hybrids and a robot red queen. What’s not to like? I really enjoyed this one. It was just such an interesting premises. I would love to see this story turned into a novel. There is just so much potential in this story I loved it. I really loved it. I loved the characters, I loved the setting, I loved the atmosphere, I just loved it all. It’s worth reading this book even if only for this story.

star 55 out of 5

The Watchmaker’s Ball by Christine Norris

Well that was weird as fuck. I mean seriously, what the holy hell was happening in that one. Clockwork dancers? A wind up white rabbit? Humans turned into machines? Honestly, what the fuck. This story was so weird. I mean it was an interesting idea, but it didn’t work as a short story. Something that strange needs more then half a dozen pages. This story was just super confusing. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. I am currently just very confused.

star 22 out of 5

Rabbit Fever by Jackie Horsfall

I am actually pleasantly surprised by this one. I admit that I didn’t have high hopes going into it but actually, I really liked it. The idea that wonderland is simply a plague fuelled dream is perfect. Especially considering it is widely accepted that Wonderland is a drug induced land. I just think that this was brilliant. The two stories walking side by side, but with different origins.  I liked it. It wasn’t the best existed short story that I have ever read, but enjoyable enough.

star 44 out of 5

Mustang Alice by Medeia Sharif

Once again I am torn. I loved some elements of this story, but really disliked others. I love the idea of Alice an Lou (who I assume is a interpretation of the mad hatter) running away together on this whirlwind adventure. The romance and dangerous. It was a really good concept, but apart from that I didn’t really like it. It had a lot of potential, but it was very mediocre. Nothing to write home about really. Also I hated the way it ended. This story could have been so much more.

star 3.53.5 out of 5

White Is A Human Constraint by Laura Lascarso

This story is very strange, but I really liked it. It was so different. It was just wasn’t like anything I was expecting. There was a lot of backstory to this this one and I really liked that. There was a lot to this one, and a lot that could have gone down. I really don’t know why I liked this one so much considering it was very weird and there was a hell of a lot that was left unanswered, but I I just really liked it. I loved the general concepts behind it, I liked the writing style I just liked it.

star 4.54.5 out of 5

Alice And Her Shadow by Tom Luke

What the actual fuck did I just read….I’m so confused….and creeped out. This story was so dark and twisted and very Truman show. It was just so weird and I don’t know how I feel about it. All I know for definite is that I am never walking down a dark street at night alone again. Not a chance.

star 33 out of 5

Alice In Wilderland by Jessica Bayliss

So, this one may not have really had anything Alice In Wonderland about it, except the name, but I really liked it. It was so sweet. I personally think that it would have been better suited to Summer Days and Summer Nights, not Beware The Little White Rabbit, but I still really liked it. It was just a very sweet story and so cute. I loved this one, despite the lack of the Alice theme. It was so damn adorable.

star 4.54.5 out of 5

The Aviary by Crystal Schubert

And once again I am torn. I loved certain elements of this story, but was confused by others. I liked that there was a romance in this story, a lesbian romance at that, it worked perfectly for the characters and the story. But I wasn’t sold on the rest of it. It was weird and strange and kind of predictable and I don’t know. I just didn’t love it. It didn’t really feel at all wonderland-y. It was just strange and a bit sad

star 33 out of 5

Broken Tethers by Holly Odell

Finally, a truly Wonderland feeling story! This one was perfect. It was exactly what I had been expecting from this book. It was fun and whimsical but also weird and a little bit dark and very odd. And like wonderland, everything is just accepted and not questioned. I loved it. It put a spin on the original tale but kept the feel of the story, of the world. I really really liked this one. It was absolutely perfect. Loved it.

star 55 out of 5

Undercover Alice by Jennifer Moore

Once again I am left thinking what the fuck? That was so weird, and not in the nice Wonderland way. It was just plain arse bizarre I honestly have no idea what I just read. Why are some of these stories so weird!?! in fact, why does every single anthology have at least one really wtf story in it?! I really didn’t get this one and I really didn’t like it.

star 1.51.5 our of 5

Follow The Steam Rabbit by Liam Hogan

I liked this one, I think. It was kind of steam-punky and weird but also pretty interesting and put a nice spin on the story. I quiet enjoyed it. I feel as if there was a lot more that could have been done in this story, but I still liked it. I liked that it did have a Wonderland-y feel to it, although this feel a little bit forced at times, but it was still enjoyable enough.

star 44 out of 5

And there we have it. I really enjoyed this book. I do love a good anthology. And I have found a couple of new authors that I will definitely be looking into. Have you read this lately? Got any anthology’s that you could recommend me? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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