Book Review: Lockwood & Co: The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud

Hey Guys!

How are you all today? Good I hope. Since it is Sunday, it is time for another book review. Today I am finally continuing with a series that I started nearly a year ago. Today I am talking about the second book in the Lockwood & Co series by Jonathan Stroud. Here is my review for The Whispering Skull.


I actually think that I enjoyed this book more then I did the first one. I feel as if there was a lot more going on in this book The story felt a lot more complex and there was just a lot more too it. It was also fast, quicker. This was mainly because we already know the characters and the world so we didn’t need all the scene setting and world building that we did in the first book. It was just straight down to the action. I will admit that I have given myself a bit of a mind block about these books. I really struggled to get into the first book and I actually took me about a month to read it. I just couldn’t get into it at first. I was reading an odd chapter here and there, and then it suddenly all clicked and I read the rest of the book in one sitting. I had the exact same thing with this book. But this time I was into the book instantly, but I just could read it…..if that makes sense. I have somehow just given myself some sort of mental block over this series and I really hope that I can get over it soon because I love these books.

I will start by saying that although this series is technically classed as Middle Grade (8-12), I would never give it someone that age. I swear the only middle grade thing about this series is the of the characters and some of the humour The actual stories are pretty dark. In the first book you had bleeding rooms and bottomless pits, in this one there where murders, talking skulls that messed with your head, disturbing corpses and what is essentially a cult. In other words, perfect for children! (please, sense the sarcasm). I do however think that this series is brilliant. The books are so well written. They are never dull. Stroud has clearly thought out every little detail of this world. I love it. I think that these books are brilliant for YA readers. They are action packed, funny, mysterious Just all round brilliant.

The reason why I love these books so much, is the characters. They all feel like real people. Like real friends. It is just perfect for this story. In this type of world, a world of the unnatural, you need something to keep the story grounded. And the characters do just that. I love them all. I love Lucy. I think that she is a brilliant voice for these books. She is smart and strong, yet also unsure, self-conscious and very much human. You are seeing her confidence in herself grow with each book, and I works so well. I also adore George. There is something weirdly adorable about him. And I will admit that I am a little bit in love with Lockwood. together this trio has the perfect dynamic for this story. They work perfectly together and just make these books.

What I loved most about this particular book was that it took the story deeper and darker. It introduced new elements to the world and intensified others. There where so many different branches to the story this time. I cannot wait to see how this all progresses as the series continues I love these books. Although the ending of this book can go f*** itself. Why must these books end on such confusing cliffhangers?!? (I know, I know, to make me read the next one, but it is still super irritating). Overall though, I really do think that this is a brilliant book. I loved it and I want to pick up the next book already. These books are definitely worth a read. Don’t be put off by the age.

star 4.54.5 out of 5

and there we have it. Have you read these books? What did you think about them? Now, I am going to go sleep with the lights on, and I will see you all again very soon.


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