Winter Candles

Hey Guys!

Today I am going to be doing my Winter Candles post! Whoop whoop! I love doing these. I don’t know why, but I really do. If you are confused as to what I am talking about, basically, every season I make a series a posts about specific topics regarding that season so winter candles, summer reads, spring nails, autumn photography and you get the idea. So today it is time for my winter candles.


If you have followed me for a while then you will know that I am a massive scented candle fan. I love, love, love them. I swear I constantly have something burning. For me there is literally nothing better then a nice smelling room. I particularly love them in the winter. I find burning a candle when it is dark and cold outside is just so comforting and makes you feel really warm and cosy inside. And its just perfect.

Throughout the winter I tend to find myself either burning rich, spicy scents, similar to what I burn during autumn, or very sweet scents. I always seem to find myself burning really comforting and indulgent scents. I think because I don’t particularly like winter as a season, I hate being cold, I tend to need the comfort of something sweet. I swear I spend most of the winter curled up in a ball, wrapped in a duvet, usually reading, with a indulgent candle burning on the side. Just blocking out the cold, dark, wet world. So, here are some of the scents that I have been burning so far this winter.

Yankee Candles

Christmas Memories

Macaroon Treats

Ebony And Oak

Autumn Nights

Flamingo Candles


Creme Brulee


Cinnamon Buns

Hot Fudge


As you can see I am a Yankee girl, but, over the last year Flamingo Candles have really really grown on me. I love them. I actually think that I love them as much as Yankee. Most of the Yankee scents that I have been burning this season are actually Christmas or Autumn scents. I feel like recently Yankee’s new scents have been a bit, I don’t know, nondescript. Besides Autumn Nights, I haven’t really loved anything. I don’t know, maybe I’m being fussy, not sure. They are also retiring a lot of my all time favourite scents which is really pissing me off. I have had to try and stock up on all my favourites. I really wish they wouldn’t do it.


I am definitely preferring Flamingo. Their candles are incredible. They are so well scented, they burn beautifully and they are very reasonably priced. They are £12 a jar, but where I buy them, they are always on 2 for £20, which is just brilliant. I love them so much. I have been burning Gingerbread basically non-stop for three months. It is amazing. It was one of their Christmas scents and it is brilliant. It is very spicy and gingery but also sweet and just, ahh. I love it. The same goes for Cinnamon Buns, which was also a Christmas scent. I have stocked up on both of these ones, they are lovely. I really hope that they bring them back next year. I didn’t really love them as Christmas scents, but I adore them just as winter ones. If you haven’t tried this brand, I would highly recommend them.

And that is it. Those are the scents that I have been loving so far this winter. What have you been burning? I would love to know (I am noisy as hell). For anyone interested I buy all of my candles from Candle Scentral. They are a little independent store that stock Yankee Candles, Prices Candles, Flamingo Candles and another couple of brands. They are the same price as buying direct from Yankee and so on but they are completely independent. They have a little shop in Sussex and have the friendliest, most helpful staff. Do check them out, they have website that you can order from and they offer free delivery with any order over £35. ( I will see you all again very soon.


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