Book Review: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

Hey Guys!

It’s book review time! Whoop whoop! I am really loving books right now, I mean, more then usual. Anyway, today I am continuing a trilogy that I started a few weeks ago, so, here is my review for The Scorch Trials by James Dashner.


I don’t know how I feel about this book. I am so confused. If you saw my review for The Maze Runner then you will know that I absolutely adored that book. I whizzed through it and loved every second of it. So naturally, I went into this one expecting the same. But this one was just so different. It took me a very long time to actually get into this one. I listened to the audiobook of it, like I did with the first one, and I was about 5 hours into it before I started to get into it. For reference, the whole book was only 10.5 hours. I was shocked by how difficult it was for me to into, especially considering the first book had me hooked from the first page. This book just had a super different feel to it.

That being said, even though it took me ages to get into, I did enjoy it. There was a lot going on throughout this book. A lot of different storylines looping and weaving around each other. There was always something going on, even when it didn’t feel like it. That is the amazing thing about these books, there is always so much going on that you don’t really realise. I swear to god, I literally had no idea what was going to happen next. There where so many plot twists in this book. I mean there where plot twists, about the fucking plot twists! I have no idea how I feel about this about this. I mean, it was good because I never knew what to expect, but I also had issues with it. It was a bit extreme.

What I was most torn about was the characters. Some characters, you didn’t see much off. And we where introduced to new characters, that where there constantly. I don’t know. I’m just not sure how I feel about this, mainly just because I really like some of the secondary characters. I also struggled with this book because I don’t know who to trust. Because of all the plot twists, I honestly don’t know if I should trust certain people. I don’t even trust Thomas at the moment lol.

I think overall, this was a good book. I can definitely see why people don’t like it, but despite how confused I am and all of that, it was still good. Everything Dashner did has definitely left me itching to find out what the fuck is going on. It wasn’t as good as the first book, but it was still very good.

star 44 out of 5

and there we have it. Have you read this one? What did you think about it? Did you have the same struggles that I did? I cant see myself waiting long to finish this trilogy. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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