Winter Nails

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If you have followed me for a while then you will be aware that every season I make a series of posts about certain topic, regarding that season. For instance, Autumn Nails, Spring Candles, Summer Reads ect ect. You ma y also know that last year, I missed a season, winter. I have no idea why I missed it, but I did, so this year I have decided to rectify that. So today I am kicking off the series with my winter nails. If you don’t know what this is basically I talk about all the nail varnish that I have been/will be wearing this winter, I talk about the quality of different brands, different shades, any unusual ways that I have been wearing it and so on. So, lets do this.

Generally speaking at this time of the year I mostly wear dark, rich shades. With the occasional white shade. When the weather is cold and dreary a dark nail is the perfect thing. I love dark shades all year round, but especially so at this time of year. And as you guys probably know by now there are certain nail varnish brands that I prefer over others. I will openly admit that I am pretty damn fussy about my nail varnish. I work in retail so I need a high quality one that will last and not chip super easily. I admit that I get bored of my nail varnish very quickly and change it regularly, but I don’t like having to redo it every other day because its chipped. So I can guarantee that all the brand that I will talk about today will be some of the best. They will all look good, last well and generally be very good quality So lets get down to business


The first brand that I have been wearing wont come as a surprise to anyone, and that is Barry M. I adore their nail varnishes They are so affordable but so brilliant. They always look amazing, they last for ages, they don’t chip very easily and they also come in a huge variety of colours and types. Plus, they are pretty much always on some sort of multi-buy offer. They are brilliant. My personal favourites by them are their Gelly shades. They just look so good. Throughout this season I have been wearing three Barry M shades. Two Gelly and one Matte. The Matte shade that I have been wearing is in the colour Espresso. This is simply a matte black shade with grey and brown undercurrents. I love this one. As you guys know I love a black nail, so a matte black one is even better. The other two shades are very different to each other. The first is the shade Black Cherry. This is a very very dark red, with a black undertone to it. In some lights it almost has a purple tint to it. It is absolutely beautiful and I love it. The other one is Cotton. This is simply a white shade. Every now and then I like to shake things up with a bright, clean colour, and what’s better then a white. It is just very crisp and fits the cold atmosphere. Again, another lovely shade. Although, I will admit that white nails do take some getting used to if you don’t wear light shades very often.


The next brand that I have been wearing is OPI. I will be honest here, this is the only brand on this list that you might want to be a bit cautious off. It is the most expensive, but it is also the most likely to chip. This is the fact that always bugs me to no end. If a £3 bottle doesn’t chip, why does a £13 one? I get very annoyed. Anyway, mini rant over. There are two OPI shades that I have been wearing recently and loving. The first is Ski Teal We Drop. This is a beautiful, dark teal shade. I love teal, it is my favourite colour and this is hands down the best teal nail varnish that I have ever found. It is so rich and just, beautiful. The other shade is I Brake For Manicures. This one is a deep brown shade with a almost purple/black undertone to it. This is one of those rare nail varnishes that goes with every thing.


The next brand is another pricer one and that is Leighton Denny. I adore this brand, it is my all time favourite. Although the nail varnishes are slightly more expensive, about £10 a bottle, it is well worth it. These are the best quality vanishes that I have ever come across. They look brilliant and you will be stunned at how long they last. Especially if you use the Crystal Finish Top Coat as well (the only top coat that I will use). I have only been wearing one shade by them this season and that is Undercurrent. This is an almost black shade, with a green undercurrent. In some shades this colour looks black, in others it looks green. I love it. The only problem with this shade is that it does stain your nails quiet badly. It is the only Leighton Denny shade that I have ever found that does this, I think I am just unlucky lol.

There are two more brands that I have been wearing. This first is Rimmel London. Now this one isn’t going to come as a surprise to any of you. It is the shade Black Out. This is a really simple black. It is my all time favourite black. It looks brilliant and last so well. I wear this one all year found and it is brilliant. I think everyone should have a black nail varnish. It just always looks so good.


The final brand is Tanya Burr Cosmetics. Now the shade I have been wearing was actually a limited edition Christmas one, so I’m not sure if it is still available The shade is called Love Letter and it is honestly so beautiful. It is a very deep red, with black undertones to it. I love it so much. I only discovered this brand last year but it is honestly one of my favourites. It is affordable and performs like a much more expensive one. If you want a decent brand, I would highly recommend this one.

And that’s it. Those are all the nail varnishes that I have been wearing so far this winter. I generally change my nail varnish every three days of so. That’s when I usually start to get bored off it, and any longer then that and I may start to chip. I would love to know what type of shades you have been wearing recently. Are there any brands that you would recommend? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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