Book Review: City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Hey Guys!

It’s that time of the week again, book review time. This week it is the turn of another book that I have been meaning to read for literally years, but have only just picked up, and that is City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Lets do this shit!

What a brilliant book! I loved it! Why have I put off reading this book for long? Towards the end of last year I read the Infernal Devices trilogy and loved it, so I went into this series with high hopes, and I was not disappointed This book really was good. It took me a little while to get into it, but I think that was my own fault since I was reading The Maze Runner at the same time, which instantly grabbed me. But once I had been drawn into it, around the 100 page mark, I didn’t want to put it down.

Having already read the Infernal Devices trilogy I already knew a lot about the world of this series and also having some prior knowledge of the whole Mortal Instruments series, (I swear everyone knows a few random tidbits about this series lol) I went into this knowing certain aspects of the story to the begin with, but I was actually stunned by the storyline. I wasn’t expecting there to be so much going on. I thought that I knew most of what happened in this book, but it turned out that I really didn’t There where so many other storylines weaved through the main one and I loved it all. There where so many twists and turns. I rarely knew what to expect. It was brilliant. I loved that there was so much going on.

I also loved the characters. Having read the Infernal Devices I can instantly see how certain characters share certain similarities to their ancestors. There where several times when I found myself grinning because of the similarities You can just tell that Clare clearly already knew the ID characters when she was writing this series. I really love everyone. I liked Clary, she was a bit irritating at times, particularly at the start, but she definitely grew on me as the book went on. She became a much more likeable character towards the end of it and I cant wait to see how she grows throughout the rest of the series. I also loved Jace, he reminds me so strongly of Will, I love it. I also loved Simon and Isabelle and Alec and Luke. Plus, my love for Magnus has only intensified while reading this lol. I am just itching to see how these characters develop as the series progresses. Honestly the only thing that irritated me about the characters was the whole Clary, Jace, Simon thing. I cannot stand love triangles, so this did kind of bug me, but of well.

Generally speaking I really did love this book. I adore this universe. I love that there is so much going on in it. I love Cassandra Clare’s writing style I love how witty and snarky she is, her books are always so entertaining I swear when reading anything she writes one second I am crying the next I am laughing. I just love her writing and I loved this book. I cannot wait to read City Of Ashes. I am itching to pick it up lol. If you haven’t tried any of Clare’s books yet, you really should.

star 55 out of 5

I honestly loved this book so much. I feel as if I have been really lucky so far this year. Everything that I have read has been incredible and I have loved so much. I am honestly loving reading right now, I mean even more then I usually do. What are you reading at the moment? Any recommendations? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.


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