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What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hey Guys!

Today I thought I would do a little, What I Got For Christmas post. I love these. I love seeing what other people got and I know that a lot of other people do too, so I have decided to do one. Before I start, I am in no way bragging or boasting for anything like that, I am purely making this post because I enjoy them. So, lets do this

This year I actually got a lot more then I usually do. Most years my extended family just get me and me sister a gift voucher or a little box of chocolates or something along those lines. This year they several people did more presenty presents, if that makes sense. This means that I did end up with more then usual. So I think that I am going to do this as what I got from specific people. So lets go.


From my Aunt and Uncle I got this really cute Hot Chocolate gift set and a £10 H and M voucher. I love this mug, I think hat it is adorable. I always think that hot chocolate gift sets like this make brilliant presents, because you can use them time and time again. From another Aunt and Uncle I was given a box of Lindt chocolates, which FYI are my favourite chocolate brand. I love them. Another Uncle gave me some Get Fruity gift sets. One is a lip balm trio, the other a both fizz trio. These smell really nice and I cant wait to use them. And my final Aunt and Uncle gave me a check for £15, which I am planning to save for what I will be telling you about at the end :D. Next my cousin gave me and my sister a joint present. We both got a really sweet metal tin in the shape of a coin that contained a little net of chocolate coins. And also a game of Harry Potter trivial pursuit! I got was so excited by this my mum thought I was going to be sick lol. My other cousin agave us a giant box of Lindor chocs.


From my best friend I got another Hot Chocolate mug set, a couple of new Tsum Tsums, Stitch and Jack Skeleton, some chocolate coins and a giant box of Lindor Chocolates (can you tell I love Lint? Lol)


From my sister I got some Elf pjs, that I have already worn. They are amazing lol. A Simba Pop! Vinyl figure. Some DVD’s, Teen Wolf Season 3, Witches Of East End and Ponyo. And several books. I got Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets, Illustrated edition and also Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Screenplay. She also brought me The Chemist, by Stephanie Myer, The Herold Of Autumn by J Guillen and The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston.


Finally there are my parents. We didn’t get much from them this year as we asked for no presents as me and my sister are going to Disney Land Paris in February and we ask them if they would mind instead of presents, if they contributed a small amount towards it. They ended up paying half and buying us some presents anyway. I love my parents. This is what I am saving all Christmas money for, as spending money. Both my Grandmothers also gave me cash, which I intend to save for the trip. But anyway, here is what they brought me. A wooden Plaque that says ‘No Muggles’, a Harry Potter cereal bowl (are you sensing a pattern here? Lol), a Great British Bake Off 2017 Calendar, a really chunky knit snood and bobble hat and a big box of Guylian chocolates, my second faves lol.


My parents also still do me and my sister Christmas stockings, because, you know, we are massive children lol, so in there I got a selection of stuff (we both get pretty much identical). 4 new Tsum Tsums, The Beast, Chip, Sully and Mike. I got a Tangle Teaser brush, a Molton Brown Shower Gel Bauble, a new cake tester (mines bent lol), a Maybelline baby lips lip balm in Pumpkin Spice and one in Thai Tea Latte, a Next Just Pink mini perfume, some Hotel Chocolate milk choc Santa, a sand lizard key ring, some new foundation, some new mascara, some new pressed powder, some chocolate coins, a Pina Colada lip balm, some make up wipes, a Beatrice Potter 50p and an orange. I also got a personalized, one of a kind flamingo candle. It is in the scent Chocolate but instead of a flamingo on the jar, it it a little duck. (I like ducks. A lot).


And finally from Santa, aka mum and dad, I got some more books. I got Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Resurgence by Kerry Wilkinson, Beware The Little White Rabbit and finally Enthralled.

I am so thankful for everything that I got for Christmas I wasn’t expecting to get so much and I love everything. I am very lucky to be in able to have such amazing Christmas presents. What did you get for Christmas? I would love to know. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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