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2016 Favourites

Hey Guys!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome to my first post of 2017! Wow, thank god 2016 is over. I’m kicking off the year with my 2016 favourites. I decided to skip my December favourites, mainly because everything on it would be Christmas themed lol. So instead I am going to do a kind of wrap up of last year. My best of the best. I am also going to be leaving out my favourite books, but if you are interesting, keep an eye out for Wednesday’s post -wink wink- lol. Anyway, lets do this.


Favourite Nail Varnish

This is without a doubt, Rimmel London’s, Black Out. It is a really simple black shade but it is the colour that I have been wearing the most. Black has always been my favourite shade of nail varnish, but last year I truly fell in love with it. It is basically the only shade that I can wear constantly without getting bored of it.

Favourite Musician

There are a few bands that I have really fallen in love with this year. Some are rediscoveries, some are ones that I have just discovered and fallen for. The ones I have loved most and been listening to the most are Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, 21 Pilots and, weirdly Lukus Graham and Troye Sivan. All brilliant bands/musicians.


Favourite Cosmetic Product

Micellar Water. Need I say more. This stuff is the greatest thing imaginable. Especially if you are as lazy as I am. If you haven’t tried this stuff yet, you need to. It is hands down the easiest way to remove your make-up

Favourite TV Show

A few of the shows that I really enjoyed in 2016 where American Horror Story, CSI NY, Hannibal, Death Note, Gilmore Girls and Skins. A very wide variety of shows, but they are the ones that really jump out at me form 2016. some of them are kinda old school, but whatever lol. I also feel like Vampire Knight deserves an honourable mention, mainly for how ridiculous it was lol.

Favourite Film

I generally don’t watch films very often so when I do,you can pretty much guarantee that it is one that I love. Some of the films that I did watch and loved included Howl’s Moving Castle, Big Hero Six, Spirited Away, Ghostbusters, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, The Fault In Our Stars and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, most of them are children’s films, but I don’t care lol. I like kids/animated films in the evenings after work, mainly because I don’t have to concentrate to hard lol.

Favourite Candle

There are two candles that really stand out from the year. One is a Yankee Candle, the other is a Flamingo Candle. The Yankee one is the scent Autumn Night. It is an autumn scent but oh my god, it is completely and utterly amazing. I love it so much. The flamingo scent is Gingerbread. It was a limited edition Christmas one and it is honestly amazing. It smells exactly like freshly baked gingerbread. Again, I love it.


Favourite Food

French toast. Do I need to say more? Lol. I have well and truly fallen in love with French toast recently. (for anyone wondering, you don’t really get French toast in England so I didn’t try it for the first time until a few months ago). I have finally perfected the method of making it at home and I have it all the time now. I love it.


Favourite Make-up Product

I actually tried a new foundation in 2016. no, I can’t believe it either lol. But I tried it and loved it. The foundation in question if the Rimmel London, Lasting Finish, Liquid Foundation. I honestly love this stuff. It has perfect coverage, it blends effortlessly, last brilliantly. It is just perfect. It is the first liquid foundation that I truly love.


Favourite Purchase

My new laptop. I brought a laptop in august and it is the best thing ever. I had been without a working laptop for nearly a year and a half and I finally caved and brought a new one. I had been saving for a new camera but ultimately, laptop won out. I love it. It is so fast and it actually works. My old laptop had more bits broken on it then ones that work. The tracker pad was going, mouse buttons didn’t work, the fan was broken, the power button didn’t work half the time and just, urgh. It once took 45 mins to turn on lol. I still cant stop looking at my new one. It is so pretty. I love it


Favourite Clothing Item

this is actually an item that you have all already seen a couple of times, as it was in my Autumn Clothing Haul and my November favs. It is the red plaid shirt that I brought from primark in like September I have been wearing it loads and loads this since I got it. I love it. I’ve been wearing it tucked into a plain black skater skirt with boots. Really simple, really wearable, but also really cute. Although as always I have also been living in my black skinny jeans. love them.

Favourite Beauty Brand

There is one brand that really stands out here, and it is the one that I seem to have purchased the most off, and that is Zoella Beauty. I discovered this brand in 2016, and I fell in love with it in 2016. I love everything I have tried so far, but I particularly love the Sweet Inspirations range and the hand cream. Brilliant products, brilliant scents and brilliant price.


Favourite Drink

this one has to be Pumpkin Spice Latte’s. I swear to god I drank my body weight in these things while we had them. I absolutely love them and I am already counting down the days until they are back lol.

And there we have it. Those where my 2016 Favourites. I really hope that you enjoyed wrapping up the year with me. I am so glad that 2016 is over. it was a shit year. Anyway, here’s to 2017. I will see you all again very soon.


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