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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Hey Guys!

Welcome to day 20! You have no idea how proud of myself I am for not missing a day lol. Anyways, today I am doing a Christmas stocking stuffer idea list. Fuck that was a mouthful lol. So, lets do this. (Side-note, Mum, if for some reason you are reading this, GO AWAY! You are not allowed to see this lol)

Every year me and my sister do our parents a Christmas stocking. This started out about 5 years ago, and it started as a joke, but it has somehow become a tradition So I thought that I would share some of the ideas that we have come up with over the years to fill the stocking…I hope that that made sense lol. Basically, here are my stocking stuffer ideas for an adults stocking.


Small Hand-creams (L’occitane, Body Shop and Crabtree and Evelyn as good for these)

Nail Varnish


Emery Board


Bath Lily

American Candy (or just foreign candy if you live in America)

Bath Bomb

Lip Balm

Travel Perfume/Aftershave


Humour Books (Such as the adult Ladybird or Enid Blyton books)

Chocolate Liqueurs

Book Mark


Stationary (A nice pen)

Car Air Fresher


Little Jar Of Olives/Chutneys/Jams Ect

Wallet Toll Card Ect

Small Adult Colouring Book


Cooking Utensil

Compact Mirror

Christmas Ornament


Phone Case

Box Of Tea/Hot Chocolate

Card Game (i.e. Trivia Quiz)

Little Scented Candle

Mini Portable Speaker

Seed Packets

Chocolate Coins

Gadget Kit

A Satsuma 🙂

And there we have it. Those are just a few ideas for stocking fillers. I think when it comes to adult stockings the main thing is to not take it too seriously. Get jokey things. For example in the past I have put small toys in there, ‘Merry Fucking Christmas’ socks, Wasabi Peas/Astronaut food, little brain teasers and things like that. Random fun things that people generally don’t but for themselves. I hope that you have enjoyed today and that it has inspired you and I will see you all again tomorrow.


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