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Making Christmas Crackers

Hey Guys!

Welcome to day 16! today it is all about Christmas crackers. I’m not sure if you really get crackers anywhere else in the world. So, in case you don’t and don’t know what I am talking about, Christmas crackers are sort of cardboard tubes that 2 people pull, inside is a crap joke, a paper crown and a little gift of some sort. The gifts are notoriously crap. Because they are always pretty crap, for the last few years my family have made our own. Each year someone else does them, this year it is my turn. So since I haven’t done these before I thought that I would make them with you and share some of the tips that I discovered while doing this, so, lets go.


When I looked into it there are three ways that you can actually make crackers. You can get pre-made ones that you purely fill (these are very expensive), start from scratch (you can get free templates online) or you can get a make your own lit. I chose to get a kit, as it was the easiest option, while still being cost effective. It did turn out to be a bit of a pain though. I need to make 8, 2 for each member of my family, most kits came with either 6 or 10, I did eventually manage to find some 8 packs though. I ended up buying mine from Marks and Spencer’s, it was Β£6 and came with literally everything. It is really good. It came with the crackers, 2 designs 4 of each, 8 hats, 8 jokes, 16 bits of ribbon (to seal them) and even 8 little tags so you can label whose is whose even better, they came with their snaps already attached. A little time saver right there. Although I will admit that I ended up using my own ribbon and adding a little bit of decoration to mine (some glittery curling ribbon at either end).


This basically meant that all I needed to do was roll and fill them. I decided to do sort of themes for my crackers. So we all have one containing a piece of jewellery and the other containing a bottle. Nail varnish for us girls and a miniature liqueur for my dad. I’m not going to be too specific here, just in case one of them reads this lol. But I thought that I would share a few filling ideas I came up with with you. So, here they are.


nail varnish




amazon Voucher

Lego Mini Figure (children (or childish adults))

tsum tsum

mini perfume/aftershave

USB Pen Drive/SD Card


Key Chain

Golf Tees

Scratch Card

Travel Sized Hand-creams

Yankee Candle Sampler


I think with this you just have to think about what sort of thing you would buy the person to begin with and then just try to think of a mini version of it or something related. For instance, if the person is into photography get them a new SD card, if they are a Disney lover, get them a mini tsum tsum of their favourite character. And so on. You just need to think personal. An if that fails, go with alcohol.

Once you’ve got your items it is literally just a case of rolling up your cracker and carefully inserting your item into the middle of it. I wrapped the hat and joke around the item before inserting them, just to make life a little bit easier. Once they are full all you need to do it close it up I did the crackers one at a time so I know which one is which. after I closed each one up I wrote the recipients name on a tag and secured it to the ribbon I had tied around the crackers.


And it’s as simple as that, if you have plain crackers then you can always add decorations to the outside of them, but it isn’t necessary The one thing that I will say about this is it is quiet expensive. It is a lot cheaper to just buy crackers. But, I know my family will like these home-made ones. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post, I know it was a little different to usual, but whatever. I will see you all again tomorrow.


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