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First Impressions: Body Shop Christmas Products

Hey Guys!

Welcome to day 12 of blogmas! Today it is time for another Christmas themed first impressions post This time it is the turn of The Body Shop. I love the Body Shops Christmas products. Every year they release three Christmas scents and every year I pick up a couple of products in my favourite scent of that year. Last year it was Glazed Apple. This year, its more then one. This year I loved all three of the scents, although I only brought 2.


I picked up Frosted Berries and Vanilla Chai, both in hand-cream I still have some apple products left from last year, so I decided to forgo the apple scent this year. I also decided to only go for the hand-cream for the same reason. I love body shops hand-creams They are my all time favourite. They always work so well. They are deeply moisturising, they aren’t greasy, they absorb well and always smell amazing Since I have spoken about my love for these hand-creams many times in the past, I am going to focus on the scents of these products more then the actual product itself. I we already know they are brilliant hand-creams, so this is just about my thoughts regarding the Christmas scents. So, lets go.

Frosted Berries

This is my least favourite of this years scents. I am always a bit dubious when it comes to berry scented products. A lot of the time they are very synthetic and or overly sweet. This is kind of the case with this one, but I don’t really mind. I still quiet like it, although I will admit, it does kind of smell a bit like Vimto. You know, the drink. It is a very sweet scent. Obviously, very fruity. I personally would have preferred it if it was more spicy then sweet, it would have felt more Christmasy, but its nice non the less. The scent does linger for quiet a long time once you have used it, which is nice, although it can be a bit over powering.

Vanilla Chai

This is my favourite scent from this years range. It is sweet but also spicy It kind of reminds me of PSL’s. The vanilla of this is very very sweet, it almost smells like cupcake frosting. But because this is vanilla Chai, it has a very spicy layer too it as well. This spice really defuses the sweetness and makes it far more wearable Ill be honest, the first time I smelt this, I was sold on it, but the more I smelt it, the more it grew on me. Now I really like it. Again, the scent lingers for quiet a while, although it isn’t as over powering as the berry one. I really like this one. It is currently in the pocket of my work jacket and I use it constantly throughout the day. This is definitely the most wearable scent this year.

and that’s what I thought about them. I honestly love Christmas themed hand-creams They just give you that instant it of festivity, anytime, anywhere. Plus, we all need to moisturise our hands regularly in the winter time. Although I will admit, I may have gone a bit over board on the hand-cream front this year lol. Oh well, I will get through them eventually. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again tomorrow. TTFN.


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