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Christmas Movie Night

Hey Guys!

Its day 7! I am alarmingly proud of myself for actually making it a whole week without missing a day. I really hope that you are enjoying blogmas so far. Today I am talking all about my perfect Christmas movie night. Basically, these are my go to movies for the most Christmasy, Christmas night. So, here are my go to Christmas films.


  • Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

  • The Grinch

  • The Santa Clause

  • Fred Claus

  • Elf

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Disney’s A Christmas Carol

  • Love Actually

  • The Nativity

  • Arthur Christmas

  • The Snowman

  • Mrs Claus

  • Father Christmas

those are my go to movies. Most of them are aimed at a younger audience, but they are films that I grew up with, so they scream Christmas to me now. My perfect Christmas movie night consists of curling up in bed with one of these movies. Dark room, Christmas scented candles, giant mug of hot chocolate. I love having movie nights this time of year. It makes me feel super festive. What’s your idea of a perfect movie night? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again tomorrow.


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