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Hey Guys!

Welcome to day 5 of blogmas! Any of you that have followed me for a while will know that each season I do a series of posts relating to that season, photography, nails, reads and candles. So, since I love Christmas so much I have decided that I am going to be doing a festive edition of this series. So today I am kicking this series off with my Christmas nails.

Those of you that have been with me since last year will know that from December first until Christmas I only really wear red nail varnish, with the occasional metallic shade. I am also quiet likely to do something a little bit extra. Glitter, statement nail, ect ect. I also tend to change my nail varnish every two or three days. This is for several reasons, I tend to get bored really easily, I like switching things up and also, because I work in retail, my nail varnish gets chipped really easily and I like keeping my nails perfect this time of year. Anyway, here are the shades I have been wearing, and will be wearing in the run up to Christmas, plus, how I have been wearing them.


First I am going to start with my reds. This year I have three red shades that I am wearing and loving. The first is a Ciate one. It is the shade ‘Mistress’ and it is a very bright red. Its what I refer to as a primary red. As in the shade you think of when you think of red. Very bright and vibrant. I’ve spoken about Ciate varnishes before, and I don’t love them, but this one is just such a nice red, I’m putting my feelings about them aside. This is the brightest red I am wearing. I generally prefer more ruby reds then bright, but I do like to have one to shake things up. The other two shades are both Barry M ones. The first is a Matte polish in the shade ‘Crush’. This one is very much a berry red. It has purple undertones and is obviously matte. Again, this is nice when I want to shake things up a bit. As you guys know I tend to get board of my nail varnish really quickly so I like to have a couple of different red options so I can switch things up when I do inevitably get bored lol. And my final red shade is my favourite one and the one that I wear most. It is a Berry M, Gelly Shade in ‘Sparkling Ruby’. I love this nail varnish, although I’m not sure if you can actually get it any more This is a beautiful deep ruby red shade that is a little tiny bit sparkly, but not majorly. It is just so beautiful. I love it so much.


Next I have three metallic shades that I tend to wear. The first is a Barry M Molten Metal nail varnish in the shade Silver Lining. This is a really pretty silver shade, with an almost black glitter effect in it…if that makes sense. I don’t wear this one much, but I can see myself wearing it on like boxing day or something. The other two metallic shades I wear a lot and they are both Body Shop one, although again, I’m not sure if they are available any more I have a gold and a silver and they are simply called ‘silver metal’ and ‘gold metal’. They are the nicest metallic I have every found. They are just like pure gold and pure silver. Really simple but really pretty.


And that’s it for colours but I also have two glittery top coat things that I wear as well. Both of them are Leighton Denny ones, one gold, one silver, called ‘Gold Rush’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. They are both just really glittery and festive, although they are a pain in the arse to get off lol. I do also have a few Ciate glittery topcoat things as well which I may well end up using at some point.

What I tend to do this time of year is have a statement nail. So I will have all red except (usual) my ring finger which I paint a metallic shade. I quiet often make this one glittery as well. I think that this just looks really sweet and festive, but it is so easy and simple and perfect for if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your nails. I also sometimes wear metallic on all my nails but if I do this, I will definitely glitter them. I never wear metallic on its on, not sure why, but I don’t lol. This year I might also do some little art on my nails. Last year I brought one of those nail stamp things, and I never used it, so I might use that this year. Just add a simple little snowflake to a couple of nails or something.

And that’s it. Those are all the shades that I have been/will be wearing this Christmas, and how I have/will be wearing them. Are there any shades that you love at this time of year? Anything that you swear by? I would love to know. I really hope that you have liked this festive edition of my nails post, and I will see you all again tomorrow.


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