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First Impression: Zoella Christmas Products

Hey Guys!

Welcome to day 2 of Blogmas! Today it is time for a Christmas themed first impressions post. Today I am talking about the Zoella Beauty Christmas range.

As you guys know by now I love the Zoella Beauty range. I have tried several of the products over the last year, so when I heard that there was going to be a limited edition Christmas range, I knew I had to try it. I have brought three items form this range the body spritz and lotion (which came in a set) and the hand-cream Since I have talked about both the spritz and lotion in first impressions posts before (from the sweet inspirations range) I am going to focus on the hand-cream and scent (which is obviously the same for all three) so lets actually get down to it already.


I really like this hand-cream It is very nice. I think I may actually like it as much as I do the body shop ones. It is a fairly lightweight cream but it is also incredibly moisturising It always leaves my hands feeling very soft and healthy. The cream also absorbs really well. Some hand-creams you really need to kind of massage into your skin for ages and ages. I really don’t need to do this with this hand-cream It just sinks into your skin so easily. And it doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy or sticky. It’s brilliant, I really like this hand-cream Not only is it a very nice product, it is very reasonably priced. It is £6, although when I got mine it was on offer for £5, and you get 90ml for that. Body Ship hand-creams are £4 for only 30ml. You cant say that isn’t good value for money.

As for the scent, I love it. This range is labelled as being themed around gingerbread, and honestly, it really does smell like gingerbread. It is such a warm scent. It is so rich and spicy and it just screams Christmas I love it. It is such a shame that this is only going to be a limited edition scent. Out of the the four Zoella beauty scents, this one is a close to pushing Sweet Inspirations off the top spot. It is that good.

What I love about all Zoella products is that the smell of the products linger. I can still smell the scent of this hand-cream an hour after after using it. What is the pint of having a nice smelling hand-cream if you can only smell it while you are applying it? I swear to god my co-workers must think I am insane, I cant stop sniffing myself lol. I am defo going to be stocking up on this one before it goes lol. I honestly love this one so much. Have you tried these products? What do you think of them? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again tomorrow.


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