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November Favourites

Hey Guys!

Welcome to the first day of Blogmas!!! I am so excited about this. I have tons of really cool post ideas for the next 24 days that I think you guys will all really enjoy. Anyway, lets actually start today’s post shall we. Today it is time for my quiet large, November Favourites post, so lets do this shizz.

Favourite Book

there are two books that I have really loved this month. The books in question are The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Both of these are such incredible stories. I’m so glad that I have finally finished the Divergent trilogy. It is honestly just so incredible I loved it. I also adored The Night Circus. It has got to be up there with my all time favourite reads, I loved it that much.


Favourite Show

I’m going kind of old school on this one. The show that I have been watching pretty much non stop this month is CSI New York. I have never actively watched any of the CSI’s before. I have seen several odd episodes (both my sister and nan watch them) but I finally decided to give one a go. I know people say New York is the best, so I decided to go for that one and I love it. I literally haven’t stopped watching it, I am now defo going to be watching some of the others now. I am a little bit ashamed to admit that I watched like 6Β seasons in under three weeks lol.


Favourite Nail Varnish

this is one that I actually only brought a couple of weeks ago and that is Barry M’s, Gelly, Black Cherry. I love this shade. It is an almost black red shade. Very autumnal. Very me. I love shades like this because in one light it looks one shade, and in another it can look completely different, I love it.

Favourite Drink

Everywhere has their Christmas drinks in!!! yay! Naturally, I have been slowly trying them all lol, but I am just super excited because my favourite is back again. Their is a small chain of coffee shops in England called Puccino’s. They are mainly all on train stations, including in the town where I live, and every year they bring back their Honeycomb hot chocolate at Christmas and it is incredible. Their hot choc is amazing to begin with, but add the honeycomb, oh my god. I love it. I have had like five this month lol, they are the perfect pick me up on cold, wet mornings when I am being forced to go to work at 8 am lol. Although I am also loving Statbuck’s Toffee Nut Latte, but then, I loved that last year as well lol.


Favourite Clothing Item

this is actually an item that you have all already seen, as it was in my Autumn Clothing Haul. It is the red plaid shirt that I brought from primark in like September I have been wearing it loads and loads this month. I love it. I’ve been wearing it tucked into a plain black skater skirt with boots. Really simple, really wearable, but also really cute.

Favourite Place

I don’t think I have ever done a place before, but I have one this month. If you saw my Autumn Photography post, or if you follow my instagram, you will have already seen pictures of this place. And that’s the New Forest. My family and I went on a day trip there a couple of weeks ago, mainly just to enjoy autumn and I had honestly forgotten how much I love the New Forest. It is just so beautiful. And at the moment, so autumnal.


Favourite Film

this isn’t going to be a surprise to any of you, it’s Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Incredible film and I am so happy to be back in the Potter universe.

And those where my November Favourites. What did you love last month? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and that you are excited for Blogmas and I will see you all again tomorrow


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