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Blogmas Announcement

Hey Guys!

Announcement time! Exciting! If you guy have followed me from the start, then this isn’t going to surprise you at all. I am doing blogmas again!!! yay! I’m so excited. If you don’t know what I am taking about, blogmas is my take on YouTubers vlogmas. It basically means that throughout December, well until Christmas, I post every day. I personally try to make every post Christmas related. All book reviews are for Christmas themed books, all first impressions are for Christmas products, all recipes are Christmas themed and you get the idea. I am so excited about this. I’ve planned out everything and I have some really cool posts coming up. I cant wait for you guys to see them and I really hope that you like them. I love Christmas so I am honestly so happy that I have decided to do this again. I loved doing it last year.

So, as off tomorrow, there will be a post everyday, up until Christmas Book review will still be at weekends, there will still be favourites posts etc, but everything will be Christmas themed as much as possible. I really hope that you are excited about blogmas as I am and I will see you all again tomorrow.


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