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Christmas Decoration Haul

Hey Guys!

If you have followed me for a while you will know that I am obsessed with Christmas I literally love it. It is my favourite time of the year. So you may be surprised that I don’t really own any Christmas decorations of my own. Last year I brought myself a little 3ft Christmas tree and a set of fairy lights, but that is basically it. I stole some of the family baubles to decorate it. I literally had nothing, it was a very sad looking tree lol. So this year I decided to change that and actually buy myself some decorations So I thought that I would share what I brought with you. So I am on a major budget this year, so I had to do this cheaply, but I actually managed to get some really beautiful decorations that I love. So anyway, here is what I bought. (side-note, I was in a very sarcastic mood when I wrote this, I apologise in advance lol)


First I looked in Primark. I had seen on their website that they had a lot of really nice Christmas stuff in this year, unfortunately, my local store is shit and had basically nothing. I only ended up getting two things in here, and they are the same item, twice. So this year I have decided to go for a black, gold and copper theme, so everything I brought is along those lines. But it meant that I was very happy when I saw these sets. They are a set of 25 30mm baubles. They are a mix of the three shades that I wanted, in a mix of matte, shiny and glittery They are brilliant. You get 2 shiny copper, 4 matte black, 3 glittery gold, 8 glittery black, 5 glittery copper and 3 shiny gold. A brilliant mix. These packs where £2.50 each and I picked up two of them. I just think that they will give a really nice coverage and look beautiful. Plus, they are pre strung so I don’t have to deal with that shit lol.


Next I went into Wilko where I picked up this really cute little wooden tree. It is half white and half gold and just really cute. I thought that this will look really nice on my windowsill. It is super simple but I like it. It was only £1 so a bargin as well.

The next two things that I got aren’t going to be used as decorations. I will be honest, i brought these purely as props for photos. The first are these gold glittery leaves. They are really sparkly and pretty. They came as a group of three and they where only 75p. The other thing was some literal pinecones. I literally brought a bag of real pinecone. I could so easily have just gone and wandered around some trees to find some for free, but that is way too much effort, so I brought some lol. It is a bag of six and cost £1.


Next I went into Poundland, where I actually brought quiet a lot. I was pleasantly surprised by how good their Christmas range is this year. I ended up with a fair amount of stuff that I really like. So the first thing I picked up was a pack of baubles. These ones are like a worn gold, and are shaped There are 9 in the pack and they are around 40-50mm, although they look smaller because they are shaped They are all different for example there is a pineconey shape, a tear drop, a diamond ect ect. Very nice and, obviously, only £1. I really really like these, I may go back and get another pack of these. My only complaint is that they aren’t pre-strung :(, urgh, effort lol.


Next I picked up some gold, glittery snowflakes. \These are tree ornaments again, although I don’t think I am going to put them on my tree. They are a lot bigger then everything else. They are between 80-100mm, so a lot bigger then all my other ornaments, but I really liked them. I may hang them on my book cases, or shelves or something. Again £1.


the next decoration that I brought was a star for my tree. I’m not sold on it, but it will do. It is gold and glittery, with cut out sections. It is quiet detailed which I why I’m not in love with it, but it will do. I only hope that it will actually fit on my pathetically tiny tree lol. And, surprise, surprise, it was also £1.

Also in here I picked up a small string of battery operated fairy lights. I thought that these would be nice on my window, or above my tv. I am planning to test these out and if I like them I will probably get myself a couple more packs. I love fairy-lights and I kind of want them everywhere this Christmas And for £1, who can complain. (Pro-tip, Wilko sell packs of own brand batteries for 50p for 4 (AA or AAA) and they are really good. Last nearly as long as branded). I also picked up some little copper ball lights as well.


next I picked up a pack of little wooden letters that smell out the word ‘Noel’. They are really simple and rustic looking. I just thought that these where really damn cute and I am thinking sitting on my bookcase or windowsill will just look brilliant. Plus they are individual letters as opposed to just the word stuck together, so I can arrange them however I like (I mean stagger them, not try and find anagrams of Noel lol)


then I picked up a ‘glitter banner’. This is really simple. It is literally just the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ in bunting format. Its red and glittery (I meant to pick up the gold version but got the red by accident, but oh well) and its just very simple. I like it. I’m not really sure what I am going to do with it yet, but I’m sure that I will figure something out lol. And, amazingly, it was £1!


finally in Poundland I picked up a wooden plaque. It is a really simply. Its about 30cm long, 10cm wide. It has twin along the top, so it can be hung up anywhere. It is a simple wood and says ‘Santa Clause Is Coming To Town’ on the front. I just think that this is really sweet. I will probs hang it on my wardrobe or draws, possible on my door, who knows. And it was just £4….jokes. It was £1! who would have guessed it.


The next things aren’t actually a Christmas decoration, but I will probs only have them out at Christmas I brought some Tsum Tsum’s form Clinton The reason why I will only have these ones out over Christmas is because they are Christmas ones. (if you don’t know I collect the mini ones, yes I am that much of a nerd lol). I picked up Christmas Mickey and Minnie. They are so damn cute. They have Santa hats and Christmas outfits and oh my god, I love them. I have no idea where I will put them, I just knew that I needed them lol. They where £3.50 each and I regret nothing.

And that is all that I brought. I think that I now have enough to make my room really festive and nice this year. Although I will admit that I am really disappointed in my Primark. On their site they had tons of stuff, including Disney baubles. But my store had nothing. I really wish you could order from their site. It would make life a lot easier. Anyway, I hope that you have enjoyed this festive post and I will see you all again soon.


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