Book Review: Girl Online: Going Solo by Zoe Sugg

Hey Guys!

It’s Saturday and you know what that means, its book review time. Now if you saw my Autumn Reads post during the week then today’s post wont surprise. Yes, today it is time for Girl Online: Going Solo by Zoe Sugg. Yip Yip.


I really like this series. I know that they aren’t exactly works of literally art and they will never be classics, but I like them. They are sweet and funny, cheesy and lovable. They are just very sweet, easy to read books. They really don’t deserve the amount the hate that they get. I think that people forget that these books are aimed at pre-teens/teens, not adults. They aren’t going to be stunning masterpieces that will leave you speechless, but they are enjoyable.

I really liked the storyline of this one. It was much more Penny focused then the first two, if that makes since. In Going Solo you follow Penny on what is essentially a journey of self discovery. At the start of this book she is a bit lost. She is trying to find her place in the world, to figure out where she belongs. This is a new idea for this series. I mean yes, they have always had a slight element of this, but not to the extent of this book. The whole focus isn’t her relationship with Noah, it is just her. I really liked this. It was nice to see a new side of Penny. She has really grown as a person since the first book, and this is definitely the case in this book. She has just grown so much.

This book had quiet a lot going on in it, a lot more then I generally expect from these books. There where several unexpected twists and turns. Although I admit I did kind of guess one of the big twists, but generally it was unexpected. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. I wasn’t sure how it would work with Noah out of the picture, but it honestly did work really well. The romance element that has come to be expected in these books was still there, just not as prominent as it was in the first two books. I liked this. It was really nice to see this different side of Penny. The side that didn’t rely on Noah. It was nice.

I really do enjoy these books. I think that if Zoe decides to leave this series as a trilogy, it would work. The way this book ended, left things nicely wrapped up so that if there aren’t any more, I wont feel like I’m losing anything, but I do really hope that she does write more. There is so much that these books could do. I am very interested in the fact that during this book there was a lot more focus on helping others with anxiety, and I think this could be a very interesting future storyline, if she was to write more.

If you want a very sweet, all be it cheesy, series, give the Girl Online books a go. They are such sweet books and I really like them. They are just so easy to read and so easy to love. All the characters are so real. They are down to earth and realistic. The storylines are fun, gripping but also quiet deep and intriguing All in all, they are very good books. Well worth a read.

star 55 out of 5

put aside all your pre decided ideas about YouTubers books, and give this series a try. Go into them with an open mind and you will enjoy them. Its hard not to. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you tomorrow, with another review.


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