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Collective Haul

Hey Guys!

So I think by now you all know that I have literally no self control, so it is no surprise that I have brought enough stuff over the past few weeks for a collective haul, you know, even though I am not supposed to be buying anything since it is nearly Christmas, -guilty cough-. Oh well, it is good for you I spouse. Anyway, here’s what I have brought.


Lets start with the cosmetic items, since they are the majority of this haul. First I went to Superdrug, where I picked up the most. I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer that they had on make up at the time (it may still be on) so I didn’t actually pay for everything. The first item that I picked up was a new jar of the Maybelline, Dream Matte Mousse foundation in the shade 10 Ivory. This is my ultimate lazy day foundation. Most of the time I use liquid, but when I am pushed for time, or just being super lazy, this is my best friend. Instant coverage, instantly blended, instantly dry, instantly ready to go lol. It was £6.99 and I always make sure I have a pot of this stuff in my make-up bag.

Next I picked up a new pressed powder, mine got completely destroyed recently so I desperately needed a new one. I always get the rimmel, stay matte, powder in transparent It is £3.99 and brilliant. It is the only one I use and it is brilliant.

And finally in the 3 for 2 I also got a new nail varnish. It is a Barry M Gelly Shade in the colour Black Cherry. It is a black red shade and it is beautiful, very autumnal. It was also £3.99 so this was my free item.


Finally in Superdrug I picked up a tube of the Zoella Beauty, Hungry Hands, hand-cream. This is part of the Christmas range and I love it. I wont say too much as I have an FI post coming on it soon. It was £5 and I will defo be buying more.


Next is boots and its boring lol. I got myself some shampoo and conditioner because I have nearly run out of mine. I always get the Herbal Essences, clearly naked, volumising shampoo and conditioner. They where on offer for £2 each so I got a shampoo and 2 conditioners Boring but essential.


And the final stop for cosmetics was The Body Shop. Here I picked up some of the festive hand creams They are £4 each and I picked up two. I got a Vanilla Chai and a Frosted Berries. Again, I wont say to much about these.

Next comes clothes. I have only actually brought 2 items of clothing. The first is from New Look. I simply picked up a new pair of jeans. Well, jeggins. I only really wear these. I have issues with actual jeans. I love skinny jeans, I wear them constantly, but they have to be skin tight. Because I am only 5 foot 1, actual jeans don’t fit me on the calf. They are baggy, so jeggins it is. And New Look are the best. They are £15.99, they look good, fit me properly and last ages. I love them. I got a new pair of black ones as my old pair had kind of given up the ghost.

The other item of clothing that I got was a pair of Christmas PJ bottoms. Sad but true lol. These where from primark, they are just super simple, red plaid trousers. They are a fleece like material, draw string waist, actually the right length for me. They are quiet a tight fit though. I have issues with Primark pjs. They don’t generally come in actual sizes (8, 10, 12 ect), they come in small, medium, large, ect. This doesn’t seem like an issue until you look at it closely. Small is the equivalent of a 6-8, medium 10-12 and so on. I am a size 8 or 10. small fit me on the waist but are tight on my legs, but medium are too big and fall off. I just really wish that they did them in normal sizes. But oh well. They where £4 and will be fine for over Christmas


And finally I had a very childish moment. I brought myself a new Tsum Tsum. I picked up a Spiderman one. I bloody love these things. It was £3.50 and I am so happy that I finally have a Spidey one.

And that’s everything that I have brought over the last month. This isn’t the most interesting haul ever, but i hope that you have enjoyed it anyway. I will see you all again soon.


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