Book Review: Shadow House, The Gathering by Dan Poblocki

Hey Guys!

It’s time for another spooky book review. Today it is the turn of Shadow House, The Gathering by Dan Poblocki, so lets do this.


As you guys probably know by now I generally don’t do any research into books before I buy/read them. I don’t look at reviews or anything like that. I read books judged purely on their blurb/description and their cover. That’s it. This book is a prime example of that. I had never even herd of it before. I saw it in a shop, was drawn in by the creepy arse cover and decided to give it a go. I wasn’t actually aware of the intended age group of this book until I started reading it.

So this book is technically in the same age category as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, but honestly, I would never give this to a child. It is so creepy and dark. This book really unnerved me. Everything is just slightly off, straight from the first page. The whole story was very dark and twisted. You are instantly thrown into this world of weird. Instantly you are faced with phantom music, girls in mirrors, creepy sleepwalking and so much more. And just when you get your head around that, there are suddenly moving walls, creepy children, strange shadows and a whole load of creepy crap.

Generally speaking, I enjoyed this book, although it is aimed at sort of 10-12 year olds, so the language and writing style is simplistic, this story is dark as fuck. It was just very twisted, especially for a book aimed at such a young audience. If I had read this when I was 12, I would have had nightmares for months. As it is, at 20 I am quiet unnerved by this book. Not only is this book traditionally spooky/creepy, it is almost physiological There are just lots of bits in this book that really kind of unnerve you. And I’m not sure whether it is because of weird it is, because of the dark storylines or what. I just really don’t know.

I really liked this book. Although, I could of done without the creepy arse pictures that where scattered throughout this book. Creepy pictures always freak me out more then the actual story lol. But overall, this was a very good Halloween read, and I do really want to read the rest of the series now. It left it on quiet a cliff hanger.

star 44 out of 5

if you want a good Halloween read but don’t have a lot of time, I would suggest you give this book a try. Because it is technically a ‘kids’ book, it is really really easy to read. If I had had a just block of time to dedicate to this book, I reckon I probably would have gotten through it in about 3 hours, maximum. This is a very good book. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s book and I will see you all again tomorrow with another spooky book!


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