Autumn Candles

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to my blog, or, if you are new, then hello! It’s great to meet you :D! Today I am going to be continuing my ‘autumn’ posts. Today it is the turn of my personal favourite, candles. So, lets do this.


If you have followed me for a while you will know that I love scented candles, like, really love them. I constantly have something burning. To me there is nothing better then a nice smelling home. And, I’ll be honest, I think that autumn is probably my favourite time of the year for burning candles I just love the scents of autumn.


I love warm, spicy scents during autumn. But also sometimes some really sweet scents. Just real, like, comfort scents. I like nothing better on a cold autumn evening then curling up in a warm blanket, with a good book, a giant mug of tea and just blocking out the world. But to do that, you need the perfect scent. So, here are the candles that I have been loving so far this autumn.


Yankee Candle

Amber Moon

Honey Glow

Dreamy Summer Nights

Autumn Nights

Ebony & Oak

Rhubarb Crumble

Cosy By The Fire

Tarte Tatin

Frosted Pumpkin

Kilimanjaro Skies

Vanilla Bourbon

Midsummer Night

Flamingo Candles



Creme Brulee

Hot Fudge



As you can see, I am still and Yankee girl through and through lol. I am loving the new autumn scents that they have brought out this year. I absolutely adore Autumn Nights it is such an incredible scent. It is definitely my favourite from the new range. It just screams autumn to me. It is kind of fresh and spicy, but also really warm and just, yum. I love it. Although I also really really love Rhubarb Crumble. It just smells like comfort food. It reminds me of being a child and my mum cooking us good old fashioned deserts. Just pure comfort.


I am mega gutted though because two of my all time favourite scents, Amber Moon and Honey Glow are both being retired at the end of the year and I cant find any more of either scent anywhere :(. this is all I have and I am so sad. I love both these scents so much they both just scream autumn to me I love them. I’m pretty sure that Kilimanjaro skies is also being retired, but I don’t love that one as much as the others, so I’m not that fussed lol.


Also, I know that Cosy By The Fire is actually a Christmas scent but I actually prefer it as an autumn one. I think feel like it just fits autumn better. It is to, I don’t know, fresh, for Christmas. It is just a brilliant scent for Autumn though. It is spicy and warm and just lovely. A real curl up scent. And the same goes for Dreamy Summer Nights which, as the name suggests, is technically a summer scent, but again, it just works so well for Autumn. It is like a slightly softer version of Midsumer Night.


I am however, still loving flamingo candles. I am honestly burning them nearly as much as I am Yankee ones at the moment. I just love them. The burn just as well as Yankee, last just as long and smell incredible My favourite has got to be the Espresso one although I do also love my chocolate one. I just want to eat it lol. It honestly smells better then any of the chocolate scented ones Yankee ever did. I love it.

And that is it. Those are the scents that I have been loving so far this autumn. What have you been burning? I would love to know (I am noisy as hell). For anyone interested I buy all of my candles from Candle Scentral. They are a little independent store that stock Yankee Candles, Prices Candles, Flamingo Candles and another couple of brands. They are the same price as buying direct from Yankee and so on but they are completely independent. They have a little shop in Sussex and have the friendliest, most helpful staff. Do check them out, they have website that you can order from and they offer free delivery with any order over £35. ( I will see you all again very soon.


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