Autumn Nails

Hey Guys!

I am assuming that by now you guys all know that I freaking love autumn. It is without a doubt, my favourite season. I am also assuming that by this point you know that for each season I do a series of posts regarding that season, so autumn reads, summer candles, spring nails etc etc. So, since we are well and truly into autumn now, I thought that it was high time that I kicked the series off, so, here is are autumn nails.


One of the reasons that I love this season so much is because of its colours. I love dark shades. I love the reds, oranges, browns, greens of autumn. I think it is just the most beautiful time of the year. And it these shades that I love wearing on my nails. This means that during autumn, I am likely to change my nail varnish at least twice a week. I love mixing up my nails during autumn. This season is honestly the one that I am most likely to actually wear seasonal colours constantly. So naturally, there are a lot of shades that I am loving.


As always there are certain brands that I love more then others. And so there are more shades by them I am loving. As usual, my favourite brand is Barry M, and I will be honest, there are a lot of shades by them that I have been wearing. What I love about Barry M nail varnishes are not only the price and quality, but the variety of types that they do. I love it. I have only actually been wearing two of the normal, bog standard shades this season and they are Berry Cosmo and Raspberry. Both of these shades just scream autumn. They are so deep and pretty and just multi layer. Berry Cosmo is a purpley shade with berry undercurrents to it and Raspberry is, well, a raspberry shade. Both are just so beautiful I love them.


I have also been loving some of their Gelly Shades. Two of the Gelly Shades that I have been loving are actually ones that I loved last year as well. Yes, I am referring to Blackberry and Mustard, but joining them this year is Chilli. If you are unfamiliar with Gelly polishes, they are basically high shine versions of regular polish and generally wear a bit better, last a little longer, that sort of thing. Blackberry is quiet a vibrant, yet deep, blue shade. I have been loving this one for a couple of years now. An obviously Mustard, is a mustard yellow shade. It is beautiful Just screams autumn, although, one weird thing about this particular shade is that it gets more orange and less yellow the longer that you wear it lol. And finally, Chilli which is a burnt orange colour with a red undercurrent to it. I love all three of these shades and have been wearing them to death recently.


This year I also have a couple of matte shades joining the party. There are only two….mainly because I have only tried two, lol, but I love both these shades and both are just very autumnal. The two shades in question are Espresso and Crush. Espresso is simply a matte black shade. And Crush is a berry colour, kind of a pinky red. It is basically the matte version of Raspberry. So beautiful.


The next brand that I have been loving is another old favourite, Rimmel London. Again, this is another brand that I have loved for a long time. There are three shades by them that I have been loving, and again, two of them are ones that I also loved last year. The shades in question are Foggy London, Ruby Red and Black Out. All three of these are firm favourites with me and all are shades that I have loved for a long time. Foggy London is a really simple grey shade, Ruby red is a deep red and Black Out, is, well, black.


Also like last year there are a couple of Leighton Denny shades that I have been wearing a lot. Both of the shades this year are ones that I loved last autumn as well. And they are Undercurrent and Supermodel. Undercurrent is just amazing. it looks black but when you look at it properly in the right light it is actually a really dark green. And then supermodel. This colour is perfect for all year round but I particularly like it in autumn. It is this really neutral brownie, beige colour that goes with literally everything.


Another brand that I have been loving is OPI. Again, another brilliant brand, and an old fav. There are three shades by them that I have been wearing. ‘I Brake For Manicures’, ‘Ski Teal We Drop’ and ‘Midnight Moscow’. I Brake For Manicures is a really nice brown colour. Its quiet dark but really neutral I love it. Midnight Moscow is kind of a metallic version of I Brake For Manicures. They are very similar shades. Moscow is a bit more red based, but that’s the only really difference. And finally Ski Teal We Drop, is, as you can probably imagine is a dark teal colour. Anyone that has followed me for a while will know that teal is my all time favourite colour so naturally I wear this particular nail varnish a lot.


And there are two new brand joining the mix this year, the first of which is Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I feel in love with these nail varnishes last Christmas and I am slowing building up a collection of them. I have found myself wearing three of the shades this autumn. Penguin Chic, Sugar Plum and New York Nights. Penguin Chic is again, a neutral brown colour. Apparently this is very close to an Essie shade, but I don’t for sure, all I know is I love it. New York Nights is a deep purpley black colour and finally Sugar Plum. This was actually the first TB shade I brought and it was a limited edition Christmas shade, but I love it. It is a deep purple and it is just so beautiful I love it.


Finally I have also been wearing a shade from H and M. now that isn’t a sentence I ever thought that I would say lol. The shade is called Mauve It and is, as you can imagine, mauve. It is a really pretty shade. It remind me of cappuccino by Barry M. I actually tried this one on a whim. It was on sale for £1 so I decided to give it a go and actually, its pretty good. I really like it.

And that’s it. Those are all of the shades that I have been loving this so far this autumn. I know that there a quiet a lot here, but as I said at the start, I switch my varnish every few days in autumn. I just cant get enough of autumn colours I would love to know what shades you are loving at the moment. I will see you all again soon.



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