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Autumn Clothing Haul

Hey Guys!

Its time for another haul. Today’s one is a little bit different though. Instead of being for a specific shop or just being a collection of all the little things I have brought from here, there and everywhere This haul is a collection of clothes from different stores, all specifically for autumn time. I really hope that makes since lol. Basically, I don’t really have much of an autumn/winter wardrobe at the moment, so I have finally gone out and brought a few bits to actually give myself one. So, lets do this.


First I went into trusty old Primark where I brought a few really nice pieces. First I picked up this really simple black jumper. This one is just really simple but it is really nice. Its a beautiful fit, kind of oversized but also fitted. Quiet tight sleeves, longer back than front, round neck. Just generally a really nice fit. It looks really nice with either black skinny jeans or a skirt. It was only £8 and they had it in several other colours which I am very tempted by. Plus, it is a really warm, snuggely material that will be lovely in the cooler weather.


Next I picked up a really simple black/grey plaid shirt. Again it is a really nice, flattering fit and I love it. I love plaid during autumn. I don’t know why, but to me it just screams autumn. This one is just very simple and very me. It was £10 and I love it. Again, very cute with either skinny jeans or tucked into a skater skirt.


Along the same lines as this, I also brought a red plaid shirt. This one, as I said, is red with hints of navy blue. It is a more fleece like material as opposed to the actual shirt material of the last one. It was £6 and again, really cute and simple.


I also picked up the same shirt as before but in green. It is a really dark green and I just really like it. Everyone needs a few good plaid shirts in their wardrobe. Again, I am thinking, tucked into a black skater skirt. These shirts are just such brilliant value for money.


Next I picked up a really simple, basic white t shirt It is a deep v neck one. Loose fitting, quiet thin material Really really basic. This is just something that I personally think everyone needs in their wardrobe. This isn’t necessary a autumn item, its just something that you need. It is quiet rare for Primark to have these in so I grabbed one while they do it was £4 and I am really happy with it. I think with black skinny jeans and an oversized cardigan, this will look really nice.


And that was it for clothes in Primark, but I did get a few accessories First I got something that if you have followed me since this time last year, you will recognise. It is a snood. I brought one of these in black last year and I have worn it to death. I love it. So I saw that they had them in again this year so I grabbed one of the burgundy, red wine colour ones. What’s great about these snoods are that they are cotton, t shirt material, not wool. So they are perfect for this time of year when its chilly, but not freezing yet. I love them. They are £3 each and just perfect. If you like snoods, have a look at these.


I picked up one other scarf. It is one of the big, blocky ones. I picked it up in a red/burgedny plaid pattern. I think that this one will be prefect for when it gets colder. It is kind of knitted, not to thick but nice and warm. This is just one of those real, snuggely scarf. I wanted one of these last year but for some reason I never got around to buying one so obviously I am very happy with this one. I think that it is so sweet. It was £4 and I love it.


Next I got myself a new hat. I didn’t really need a hat but I wanted one lol. It is just a really simple bobble hat. It is cream and fluffy and yea. What else can you say about a hat lol. It was £2 which I think is a brilliant price for a hat.


Then I picked up some socks (surprise surprise lol). These ones are knitted, woollen ones. They are called Boot Socks which is actually what I want them for. I will admit I was disappointed in Primark. These where the only wool socks my store had in. I was hopping to get several in different colours and lengths, but no. the pack I got are all black. There are 3 pairs and they where £3. I will have to try and get some more from elsewhere as I would ideally like some white/cream ones and also some grey.


Finally, I brought a bag. I have been looking for a bag for a while now. I have 2 kind of everyday bags, but neither of them are quiet right. One is too big for everyday and the other too small. I haven’t been able to find a bag I like anywhere until now. This one was £9 and is just really nice. It has a large zipped section at the back and a small pouch pocket on the front. It has handles and a shoulder strap, which is perfect. I know it wont last long but I only need it to last until I can find a decent quality bag that I like.


Next I went into H and M. the first thing that I picked up was this super adorable skirt. Sticking with the plaid theme lol. It is black/grey plaid. So cute. It is an A line with two pockets on the front. It is very short, like stupidly short lol, but it looks really nice on. It was £14.99 and I love it so much. I honestly cannot wait to wear this.


Next, I picked up another one of my favourite jumpers. If you have followed me for a while you will know that I brought like 6 of these jumpers at the start of the year. I just find them really comfortable, they have the perfect oversized look and they are really cute and cheap. They have just released like a dozen new designs in them so I picked up my favourite form the new ones. This one is a dark grey with a white design on the front. It is kind of rocker style and just very me. I really like it. It was £5.99 and I am very happy. I will be defo be buying even more of these. They just look so nice with skinny jeans.


Also in the same type of jumper I brought another one of the designs I am literally in love with this one. It is covered in fucking bats! You have no idea how over excited I am about this jumper. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a jumper before lol. Like the previous one it is oversized, warm, just perfect. Its a dusty pink with tons of black bats printed on it. Again, £5.99 and I am so happy.


Then I picked up one of their basic t shirts These are really nice, simple tops. I have a few of them now. They are just very basic. I picked up a really nice burnt orange coloured one. This just screams autumn to me. I brought this primarily to wear tucked into my black skater skirt. It just just very nice. I believe they had a burgundy one as well that I may also buy, since I really do love these shirt. They are £7.99 and just brilliant. I personally think everyone needs at least a black one of these in their wardrobe.

I also picked up a couple more of the basic white tank tops. These are my favourites and I love them. Whenever I am wearing a jumper or the likes, I will always be wearing one of these under it. They are comfortable, very tight fitting, they retain their shape and they wear well. They are also long. If I am wearing a jumper with skinny jeans, I like to have my tank poking out, I just really like it, but I really needed some new ones. Mine where starting to loose their colour a little, so I got two new ones. They are £3.99 each and will last me ages.


Finally in H and M I picked up some new ballet pumps. These aren’t necessarily an autumn thing, but I really needed some new ones. They are just simple black saudete ones. Honestly, these are the best pumps. They are super comfy and look really nice. They are usually £7.99, but when I picked mine up they where on sale for £4 so they where a bargain I love wearing pumps in sort of, early autumn, when I am wearing a skirt. They just look brilliant. I love them.


I also ordered a new hoodie from a site that I had never heard of before, OASAP. This site actually popped up on my pintrest feed and it looked really nice so I gave it a look and I fell in love. I wasn’t really intending to buy anything, but I saw this hoodie and I couldn’t resist. It is black with a grey fold down collar thingy. It is really simple but really cool. It is super soft and really snuggley. It is quiet a close fit and I love it. It was about £13 and ill be honest, I had forgotten that I ordered it. OASAP is an American site (with free p &p, yay) so the jumper took forever to arrive. I ordered it like mid August and it arrived mid September. It took ages, but it was worth the wait. I love it. I will defo be ordering from this site again.

And that’s it. That is everything that I brought. As you can see, it is all geared up to autumn and winter. I now defiantly have enough to last me through to spring lol. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post, it was a little bit different to normal I know, but it felt like the best way to do it. Anyway, I will see you all again very soon





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