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First Impressions – Benefit, Dew The Hoola, Liquid Bronzer

Hey Guys!

If you saw my beauty haul last month, then you will have seen that I got a few new products that I hadn’t tried before. One of those products was the Benefit, Dew The Hoola, liquid bronzer. So today, I thought that I would do a first impressions post for it. So lets go.


I don’t often often wear bronzer. I’m just too lazy to actually take the time to blend it and all that crap. But this one makes it so easy. I have never used a liquid bronzer before so I honest had no idea what to expect with this one. Would it blend? Would it be cakey? Would it look orange? Would it fell really heavy on your skin? I just really didn’t know. I actually put off wearing this for a while because I really wasn’t sure what to expect. But, when I did eventually give it a try, I actually ended up really loving it.

Because it it a liquid it goes on really smoothly and it is really easy to blend/buff into your skin. It is just so nice. It is so light weight, you barely know your wearing it. I really like it.

And it isn’t too in your face, if you know what I mean. That’s the issue that I generally have with bronzers. I don’t want to end up with that blatantly orange face. Which is often the case with powder bronzers, because they just don’t blend very well. I have never had that with this bronzer. It just looks really natural and just gives you a really healthy glow. It is the perfect colour and consistency It never looks cakey, never looks orange. In fact a lot of the time it is hard to tell that you are wearing anything at all. You just look healthy bronzed. I love it. I will defo be getting a full sized bottle of this in the future. I love it. Admittedly, it is on the pricey side, but it is very good. Worth the money.

Have you tried this bronzer? What do you think of it? I’m really interested to know, I haven’t really seen many people talking about this bronze. Oh well I hope that you liked this little post and I will see you all again soon.


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