Book Review: Fairest Of All by Serena Valentino

Hey Guys!

Its Saturday, and you know what that means, book review time! This week it is all about fairytale’s. That’s right, it is time for ‘Fairest Of All’ by Serena Valentino.


I have very mixed feelings about this book. Generally speaking I love fairytale retellings. And I also generally love it when it puts a whole new spin on things, but this one wasn’t quiet what I was expecting. I knew that it was going to be from the Evil Queens perspective and that it was going to be explaining how she became, well, evil, but I was a little bit disappointed. I had thought, assumed really, that Valentino was going to put a spin on it, but she didn’t. She literally just told the story of Snow White, from the Queens pov. No spin, no added extras, just the story we all already know. And this was kind of disappointing.

That being said, the story enjoyable enough. It was well written and did manage to draw you in, I just would have liked a little twist to the story. The only real, twist, that there was in this book was the addition of The Sisters. Lucinda, Ruby and Martha where inserted into the story as the initiating factor in the Queens discovery of magic. This was the only kind of new element that I could find in the story. It was fairly nice to have the addition of these characters, once that encouraged the Queens evil and helped to fuel it, but there wasn’t really enough of them in here to make them feel like pivotal characters that needed to be there.

Generally, I did enjoy reliving the story of Snow White, it was always one of my favourites when I was a kid, but I just wish that there had been a bit more substance to the book. I don’t know. I really do have very mixed feelings towards this book

star 33 out of 5

I honestly cannot make up my mind about this book. Bits of it I liked, others I found boring, I just don’t know. I will be reading the next one, purely because Beauty and The Beast was always my favourite, I want to say ‘princess story’ even though Belle wasn’t a princess but what the hell lol. So I will read that, I just hope that Valentino has put more of a spin on it. Oh well, you cant win them all. I will see you all again soon.



3 thoughts on “Book Review: Fairest Of All by Serena Valentino

    1. I was honestly so disappointed in this book. It had the potential to be a great retelling but it just fell short in my opinion. I have got the second one of these as well (which is based on Beauty and The Beast) which I am planning to read soon-ish. I’m really hopping that its better then the first. I want a twist damn it! lol.


    2. Actually, if you want a good fairy-tale retelling have a look at Depravity by M. J. Haag. It’s an ebook only, trilogy, retelling of Beauty and The Beast. It is aimed at adults (there is a couple of fairly graphic scenes in the second and third books) but they are very good. I read them last year and loved them. They put a very good spin on the tale. It is kind of dark, a bit twisted, very gripping. I love this trilogy, I think they are the best B&B retelling that I have read to date πŸ™‚


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