Beauty Haul

Hey Guys!

Today I am doing another haul post, but this one is one that I have never done before and that is a beauty haul. It is very rare that I actually buy more then just one or two beauty/cosmetic products at one time. I am that person that goes in and purely picks up what I want, and I don’t even look at anything else. But, for once, I actually brought a fair amount so I thought that I would do a little haul with you. Lets do this.


First, I went a bit Rimmel mad. I love Rimmel. A lot of my everyday make-up is by Rimmel so a few of these are actually repurchases. so, first I picked up a new tube of the Rimmel Fix & Protect Pro Primer. If you have followed me for a while you may have seen that I did a first impressions post on this like six months ago and I was a bit indifferent about it. But since then I ended up using the whole tube of it and actually I eventually I grew to really love it so I have re-brought it a couple of times since then. This is a really good cheap primer. If you want a primer but don’t want to spend a lot of money on one, defo give this a try. Its a milky cream one and it is really good. It smooths your skin, it brightens, resurfaces, protects and mattifies. It is brilliant. It really does create the perfect base on your skin and really prolongs your make up. And it was only £5.49 (I think, may have been £5.99, not sure).


Next I picked up a new tube of the Wake Me Up concealer I love this stuff. It is the only concealer that I will wear under my eyes. It really brightens any dark circles. This is such a creamy concealer that blends so well. This is the concealer that everyone raves about. It is brilliant. And only £5.49 I believe. Oh, for anyone interested I get this in Ivory.

Next I picked up a new pressed powder. I get the Stay Matte powder, it is my favourite one. I just get the translucent one and it is honestly brilliant. There isn’t really anything else I can say about this. Its a mattifie-ing pressed powder. I believe it is £3.99 and it is the best one that I have found.


The finial Rimmel product that I picked up was the Lasting Finish Liquid Foundation. This is a new purchase for me. I usually don’t go for liquid foundation. I usually use a moose or a cream foundation but I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to give a liquid a go (moose’s and creams can be quite dry and can look cakey if you skin is even the slightest bit dry) , so after some research I decided on this one. I have tried it a couple of times since buying it and I really like it. I got it in the shade Ivory and it was £7.99. plus, all of these Rimmel products where on BOGOHP so it cost me a little bit less then it normally would have.


Next I picked up the concealer that everyone raves about. Yep, you guessed it, I got a tube of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I decided that it is about time that I tried this one. Everyone talks so highly of it, I thought that I would give it a go. I picked it up in the shade cool medium and it was £4.19 and I will let you know what I think about it once I’ve tried it.


I also picked up a new mascara. I got s trusty old tube of the Maybelline Colossal one. This time i got a type that i haven’t tried before. I got the Go Extreme! Leather Black Volume Express mascara, fyi, worlds wordy’s name lol. It was £6.99 and I cannot wait to try it.


Then I picked myself up one of the Real Technique, Miracle Complexion Sponges. I decided that if I am going to give liquid foundation a go, I am going to do it properly. I just got the one and I have already used it and I really like it. It is so much easier and nicer to apply liquid foundation with this then with a brush. I love it. It was £5.99 and I will defo be buying more of these in the future. I love it.


Next I picked up some more shampoo and conditioner since I had the tiniest drizzle left of each. Seriously, it was stupid how little was in them lol. At the moment I am using (and loving) the Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Moisturising Shampoo and also the same but voluminsing in the conditioner (that was a mouthful lol). I have been using this one for about a year and I love it. It smells incredible, and works really well. I love it. I picked up 1 shampoo and 2 conditioners. Everything was better then half price so I think that they where about £2 each, or something like that.


Next I picked up two H and M nail varnish’s. I have never tried their ones before and I don’t usually trust clothing stores nail varnish’s but i really liked the colours of these two and they where on sale for £1 each so i thought, why the hell not, lets give it a go. I will let you know if they are any good lol.


I also popped into the Body Shop and picked up some new handcream. I got three tubes of the simple Shea Butter one, which is my favourite. They where £4 each and 3 for 2 so I got all three for £8. I admit this is a little excessive but they will last me ages. Plus i am having to use loads at the moment as my hands are super dry lol.

Finally I picked up a couple of new Zoella Beauty products, I got a new bottle of the Sweet Inspirations Body Lotion and also another tub of the Scrubbing Me Softly, body scrub. Both of these where £5 and both where repurchases I love both of these products, as I have said before.


That’s all that I brought but I did get 2 freebies. First Superdrug randomly gave me this weird Shampoo and Conditioner set. I am not entirely sure why, the girl at the counter just kind of mumbled something, said free and handed me this little box, I was just like ‘never say no to a freebie ‘ lol. So these are travel size versions of the Superdrug Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner No idea what this is going to be like but ill give them a try and let you know.


I also got a epic freebie in this months Elle. Most months I pick up a copy of either Elle or Vouge or Glamour occasional Cosmo, it depends on my mood and finances. This month it was Elle and honestly, the gift is incredible. It is a benefit ‘Dew The Hoola’ liquid bronzer. A full size bottle of this stuff is like £25. mega cuffed. I have wanted to try some of the Benefit bronzers for a while but didn’t want to spend loads on it if I don’t use it. So I am going to give this a try and if I like it, I might splash out and buy a proper one. (ill let you guys know what its like)

so that’s it. That is everything that I got. I am super happy with everything that I got. I hope that you enjoyed this unusual haul and I will see you all again very soon.


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