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First Impressions: Trilogy Everything Balm

Hey Guys!

It is once again time for a first impressions post. Today it is the turn of the Everything Balm by Trilogy. So, let’s get down to this.


I actually got this product in a little trail size. It is a more pricey product so i obviously didn’t want to commit to the full size version in case i didn’t like it. Turns out, i love it. This balm is incredible. in case you don’t know, the Everything balm does exactly what it says on the tin. It does everything. You can use this balm as an eye cream, a lip balm, a cuticle balm, a dry skin cream, you name it, you can use this balm for it.

I was really unsure about this. I wasn’t sure how something like this would actually work. How can something work as so many things? But it turns out this is a brilliant product. It works perfectly for everything. I have been using this mainly as a lip and cuticle balm and also as a spot on cream thing for any dry skin. I have also used it under my eyes a few times. It is brilliant. it is so moisturising.

I honestly don’t think that my lips have ever been this soft. It truly is a brilliant product. It also smells amazing. A bit like the Decleor Aromessence oil (if you have ever smelt that). It is lovely. i honestly think that i have found myself a new cosmetic must have. It is truly brilliant. i am defo going to be buying myself a full size version of this product once i get paid. I can see this lasting for ages. I have been using this everyday for nearly two weeks and i haven’t even dented it yet. Brilliant.

I love this product so much. It is wonderful. I normally wouldn’t even look twice at something like this, but i am so glad that i did. I bloody love this product. Highly recommend it.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little first impressions post. I am honestly in love with this stuff. It is wonderful. You need to try it. If you do want to, i recommend getting it from on here you can get this as a little like 18ml sample for free. All you have to do is pay the £4 shipping cost. This is a brilliant way to try new products. Defiantly check it out. i will see you all again soon.


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