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Collective Haul

Hey Guys!

Once again it is time for a haul post. This time it is a collective haul, lots of little bits from lots of different stores. I will warn you, this is quiet a weird one lol. So, lets get this thing underway.


First I went into what I personally think is quiet an underrated store and that is Sass And Belle. I love this shop so much but I always forget to go in there, which is such a shame because they are so cute. I went in here to pick up something really specific, a ring dish. I have seen one from them on their website so popped into store but they didn’t have it in…..kind of annoying lol, but I managed to get a few nice bits anyways lol. The first thing that I picked up was this super cute little plaque. It is a metal plaque with this super cute design printed on it. It is a little raccoon with a kind of native American head band on and the phrase ‘Be Brave ‘ underneath it. I just think this is really cute and I have it hung on my bookcase it looks so nice. This was on sale and I believe it was abut £2 or £2.50.


Also in Sass And Belle I picked up two notebooks (I’m sure that by now you know that I love notebooks), so I picked up two more. Both of them are A5 size and have blank paper in them, which isn’t something I normally go for but recently I have been kind of sketching out ideas for photos before taking them so plain is so much easier. Both of them are in the same range as the plaque that I brought. One of them has an bear on the front of it with the phrase ‘Be Strong’ and the other one has an owl on it with ‘Be Wise’. Both of them where £1.50. the whole range is currently on sale so these where a really good bargain.


I also went into candle scentral (which is wear I buy all my candles) and I picked up a few bits. First I got a large, Yankee Candle, jar in the scent ‘Sweet Apple’. This is one of my favourite scents but they are retiring at the end of the year so I decided to grab one while I still can.


Also in here I picked up a few new votive holders. First I picked up these two really sweet 2 tone ones. The bottom half of them are this dove grey colour and the top is white. I have been looking at these for ages but haven’t brought any but when I went in the other day they where on sale. I got them for £2 instead of £4 and I love them. Although I still haven’t decided where I am going to put them.


Finally I picked up one of their Halloween ones. Its a little ghost. How fucking awesome is this. I literally love it. He now has pride of place on my book shelf and I love him so much. It is in two parts. It is quiet a thin china so it glows beautifully when there is a candle lit in there. He is just lovely. It was £7.99 and I am very happy with it. I also picked up a selection of Autumn themed candles in a variety of scents, but I will tell you more about them in a few weeks lol.


Next I popped into The Bluebird Tea Company and picked up some Gingerbread Chi teabags. I have never tried these but they sound bloody incredible. they sound as if they are going to be like pumpkin spice lattes but tea. They where £5.70 and I cannot wait to try one. I just feel as if they are going to be the perfect autumn tea.

Yes this is the stockpile photo lol. Mine is just empty and boring atm. I need to fill it lol

Next is where things start to get a little bit weird. I brought a book case…..as you do lol. For about five years I have had this wooden box/crate thing in my room. And it completely useless. It is spouse to be for storage but it is just too deep to be of any use so I have finally replaced it with something useful. A little book case. The space is quite tight (73cm by 41cm or something like that) so what I got is quiet small. It is just a little two shelf case and its perfect. I mainly want to store make-up and a few things like that in it and possibly a few books or DVD’s, I’m not sure. But I am weirdly proud of myself because I assembled it all on my own, oh yeah! I’m an adult! Lol. I was looking at possibly getting one of the IKEA little 2 draw unit things but I honestly prefer this one. And it was a bargain. I ordered form amazing and it was only £15. brilliant.


I also brought a new laptop…..moving on lol. Joking. Yeah, so I have been stuck using nothing but a Netbook laptop……that was running on windows XP lol. It was shit. My actual laptop died about a year ago and I have finally saved enough to buy a new one. So I got myself a HP Pavilion. It is bright blue, 16 inch screen, windows 10, just brilliant. It is a really good all-rounder laptop and I love it. It is so fast and pretty and I can actually do things!!!! I fucking love this laptop. It was £329 but worth every penny (ill be honest, I was saving for a new camera but I couldn’t cope with the lack of laptop any longer, so I will be starting again on the camera front next month lol).


And then there is something that I’m not sure is really something that can be included in a haul, but I am going to anyway. I got a a new tattoo…well technically 3 new tattoos. Okay, so not haul material but I love them so they needed a little credit lol. All 3 are just simple line drawing things. The first is on the inside of my right foot/ankle and its a little camera, as you probs know by now I love photography. The second is in the same place but on the other foot and that is a little dinosaur. My sister actually drew this, she also drew herself another one and we got matching tattoos, something that we have been talking about for years. I love my little dinosaur. His name is Bob…I’m such a bloody child. And finally I got three little stars on my left wrist. I am sure some of you will know exactly what these are :). I have been planning these new ones for like a year now and I am in love with them. They cost me £60 and I actually paid for my little babies out of my birthday money.

And that’s it. That’s everything that I brought. This is a very weird combination of stuff but oh well. Its been a weird month lol. Oh well lol. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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