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August Favourites

Hey Guys!

Wow! August is over! How the bloody hell is this possible?!? honestly, this year is just flying by. Its going to be Christmas before we know it. Anyway, its time for a monthly favourites post. You know the drill by now, so lets dive straight into it.


Favourite Food

This is without a doubt Starbucks’ Cool Lime Refresher drink. I am honestly addicted to this drink. It is so good. It is just so limey and fresh and yum. I am not even lying when I say that I had 6 of them last week. I don’t know why I am loving these so much but I really am. I am pretty sure they are just a summer special and I am honestly going to be gutted when they are withdrawn. Oh well. More excuse to drink as many as I can now lol.


Favourite Make-up Product

I recently brought a new foundation. I know! Shock horror! Lol. I haven’t really changed my foundation for years but I have finally found a new one that I love. Like really love. The foundation in question is the Rimmel London, Lasting Finish, Liquid Foundation. I am honestly in love with this stuff. I’m not going to say anything else about it right now as there is going to be a First Impressions post about it in a couple of weeks.


Favourite Show

I have actually been loving two tv shows this month. The first is Gilmore Girls. I’m not even ashamed lol. It has just arrived on UK Netflix and I have been watching it like non-stop. It is the perfect show to just stick on in the evenings. Every episode just makes me reminisce about the first time I watched it. I love it. The second shoe that I have been watching is a very different one. It American Horror Story. I have been putting off watching this one for a very long time, purely because I was worried that I would creep myself out, but I have finally caved and started watching it and I actually really like it. I have freaked myself a couple of times but not to badly. I have just finished season one and loved it. I will defo be starting season two soon.


Favourite Read

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. Need I say more? I brought it on the day it was released and read it that day. I have read it twice since then and I love it.


Favourite Purchase

My new laptop…bit random but yeah. I brought a laptop lol. I have been without a working laptop for nearly a year and a half now and I have finally caved and brought a new one. I had been saving for a new camera but ultimately, laptop won out. I love it. It is so fast and it actually works. My old laptop had more bits broken on it then ones that work. The tracker pad was going, mouse buttons didn’t work, the fan was broken, the power button didn’t work half the time and just, urgh. It once took 45 mins to turn on lol. I cant stop looking at my new one. It is so pretty. I love it :).


Favourite Candle

I have been loving Sweet Apple by Yankee Candle this month. I have been burning it pretty much continuously this month. I am just super sad that they are retiring it at the end of the year. Oh well, I love it. I am however looking forward to switching to some more autumnal scents soon.

And that’s it really. There hasn’t really been much new this month. I have been working quiet a lot so I haven’t really been doing a lot and haven’t really do anything. But, hey ho, hopefully September will be slightly more interesting. I hope that you have enjoyed this months favourites and I will see you all again soon.


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