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Primark Haul

Hey Guys!

It is that time once again, that’s right, its time for a primark haul. This month it is actually quiet a small one. I only actually brought like half a dozen things, but, I did spend more in there then I normally would, but what I got, I love. Anyway, lets just do this.


First I looked in the sale section again. I managed to get some really nice things in the sale last time I went in but this time around I only found one thing in here that I liked. I picked up this super cute tank top. I actually nearly brought this when it was full price so I was really excited to see it in the sale. It is a really simple slate grey colour with this white animal skull printed on the front of it. It is a nice loose fit and I love it. It cost me £3 instead of £6 so I am very happy with it.


I actually only brought two items of actual clothes. The only other item I picked up was the nerdiest thing that I have ever brought, and i’m not even ashamed….I brought a NASA jumper. It is incredible! It is this really simple grey jumper with the NASA logo printed on the front and then another NASA print on the back. I love this. It is really thick and coy (not ideal for this time of year but still lol) and super soft inside, I love it. I picked it up 2 sizes bigger then I needed so it has a really nice oversized look and is supper snuggely. It was £12, which I normally wouldn’t spend on a Primark jumper, but I fell in love with this one so I just had to lol.


I also, surprise, surprise, brought some more socks lol. I got two more packs of their trainer socks. Each set has three pairs of trainer socks in it. One set has the unicorn emoji printed all over them and the other, grumpy cat. They are all so cute. Each set was £2.50.


next I did something I never really do in Primark, I brought shoes. I went upstairs for a look and found some Timber land style boots. I love this style, but I have never brought any. These ones are a really standard style. They and black and lace up and……well, they look like Timber lands lol. I really love these. They where £12 and will be perfect for autumn. Very happy with these.


Finally I went into the beauty section and I picked up a few bits. First I got this adorable make up bag. It is a really nice size, fits all my like daily make-up in. it is white and navy, the bottom half is striped the top spotted and it has Mickey Mouse on it. It was £4 and is exactly what I was looking for.


Finally I picked up a new eyelash curler. I broke mine last week. There isn’t really much I can say about this, its a eyelash curler. Pretty standard. This one is rose gold and, yeah. That’s about it lol. It was £1 and does the job. I also picked up some make-up sponges. Mine was in despread need of being replaced. I got this massive bag of them for £1.50 and they are exactly what I need.

And that’s it. I really didn’t get a lot, but what I did get, I love. I was actually kind of disappointed in Primark. Everything was a bit nondescript and samey. I really couldn’t find anything else that I liked. Oh well, maybe next time. I hope that you enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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