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First Impression: The Body Shop, Piñata Colada Body Sorbet

Hey Guys!

Today i am going to be doing another first impressions post. This time it is the turn of The Body Shop’s, Body Sorbet. Let’s do this!


I have wanted to try one these Sorbets for over a year now, but i haven’t gotten around to actually buying one, well , now i have. i am kind of torn over this one. I picked it up in the new summer fragrance, Piñata Colada, which i love. This scent is incredible. it is so fresh and summery and just, yum. If you want a nice summery scented shower gel or body butter/lotion, you should defiantly look at this scent. It is amazing, i love it. But i think that is what i love most about this product.

The actual body sorbet is okay, but it is nothing to write home about. If you don’t know, the body sorbets are essentially a light weight body lotion. They are okay, but not brilliant. i have used several different body shop body moisturisers over the years and this isn’t anywhere near as good as them. This is kind of nondescript.

I mean yeah, it does moisturise, but not brilliantly. Your skin feels really moisturised when you first apply it, but then after a couple of hours, you feel as if you need to moisturise again. It just doesn’t last very well which just shows that it isn’t moisturising particularly deeply. It is also kind of sticky. Not massively, but a bit. I don’t like it.

I think if you have quiet naturally moisturised skin then this will work brilliantly for you but if you don’t, i wouldn’t use this. It is alright but nothing special. I don’t think i will be buying any other body sorbets.

Have you tried the sorbets? Do you like them? I kind of feel as if i am the anomaly here. A few people i have talked to about this product love it, but i really don’t. It is so nondescript. Oh well, we all have different tastes. I hope that you enjoyed to today’s post and i will see you all again soon.
Also, quick side note, we have just reached 100 followers! How mad is that! I just wanted to take a second to say thank you and tell you that I love you all. Each and everyone of you. Thank you so very much xxxx


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